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Sewree residents start campaign to protest murder

Written By Unknown on Senin, 31 Maret 2014 | 22.23

MUMBAI: The residents of Sewree cross road have started a campaign against the murder of a 28-year-old youth who was killed by a group of notorious criminals who claim to be police informers.

On Sunday, several residents of Crossroad, where deceased Imran Pathan used to stay, took out a candle march to Wadala police station protesting the killing of Pathan.

"We are protesting as the three of the five arrested accused claim to be police informers and they are influencing the police. More importantly the accused for no reasons killed him in front of at least three police constables and they could not prevent it," said Imran Shaikh, a social worker.

Pathan's family too has strongly protested against the local police. "The accused have good contacts with the police and we don't think that we will get justice here, we will soon be meeting police commissioner Rakesh Maria and get the case transferred to crime branch," Pathan's brother Bilal said.

The unfortunate incident dates to March 22, when deceased had gone to attend the function of saint Sayyed Jalal Shah Dargah at Dongri at Sewree.

"It was around 8pm when Imran was watching the programme, at least eight to nine accused armed with chopper and knife arrived and attacked Imran in the middle of the programme.'' said Pathan.

Imran was rushed to Sion hospital but he died before admission.

During the course of investigations it was transpired that murder was fallout of previous enmity as deceased had sought some information of their illegal constructions of Jamadars and Khabris under the Right to Information act (RTI).

The Wadala police have arrested five persons namely — Sachin Jamadar, Akbar Jamadar, Aslam, Yusuf Khabri and Karim Rahim. "Our policemen were present in and around the scene of crime for the police bandobast. Pathan family have alleged that thought it was a criminal conspiracy as the accused had planned to attack Pathan, cops are yet to invoke 120 B of criminal conspiracy charges.

We have arrested five of them and are looking for three more persons and we assure that accused will be dealt accordance with the law," said Pandurang Ingole senior inspector of Wadala police station.

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Speeding car kills 2 on Western Express Highway

MUMBAI: Two workers died and one seriously injured after a speeding tourist car hit them at Western Express Highway in Khar early on Monday.

The Kherwadi police arrested the car driver for causing death due to negligence. The driver was not drunk at the time of the accident, polidce said.

The workers were drawing road dividing mark when the incident took place. The police said that the contractor had put barricades at the place of the work and that he was not at fault in the case.

The accused driver collected the tourist vehicle from Lower Parel and he was on his way to Mira Road to pick up passengers. The police said that the driver was speeding the vehicle and unable to control it after he suddenly applied brakes after seeing the barricades.

The driver hit the barricades and then crushed three workers. The co-workers took the injured to a hospital where the two of them died during the treatment. One worker recuperating in the hospital and his condition is critical, police said.

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Election Commission asks to vote well-educated people

MUMBAI: EC wants people to vote for candidates who are pro-development and well-educated and has also asked people to beware of those who will offer bribes, as such people would indulge in corruption in future.

EC's posters say people should also know the assets and liabilities of candidates before voting for them. In the island city, around three lakh such letters are reaching voters along with voters' slips, and around five lakh are being distributed in Mumbai's suburbs. People have to sign and submit these to ward officers or election officials or at the polling booths. Besides ward officers and staff at the collector's offices, the help of residents' welfare associations and various NGOs is being taken to distribute these letters.

Former top cop M N Singh said he didn't think that EC wanted people to vote keep in mind the prime ministerial candidates while voting. "Campaigns are of course driven by the leaders, but ultimately it settles in the parliament. It means to say that people should also do away with non-serious candidates and shouldn't waste their valuable vote. There are people from Bollywood some of whom are non-serious. The pledge indicates that people should also keep in mind party and its ideology that will drive the nation towards progress," he said.

Ajit Ranade of the Association For Democratic Reforms said the meaning of the pledge was that people should vote with broader interest of national progress and governance and not just look at narrower interests.

"The campaign wants people to vote with honesty, thoughtfully and ethically. They don't want people get under the influence of money or muscle power and get carried away by narrow considerations. The spirit of the pledge is people must vote for larger and broader issues of national governance and development and is a welcome move," he said.

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15-year-old detected with ovarian tumour mostly seen in elderly

MUMBAI: A 15-year-old girl, admitted to the Fortis Hospital in Mulund with an increasing girth of her stomach, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. While the girl did not seem to have any serious complaints of pain or discomfort, her increasing belly size raised suspicions.

A CT scan performed later revealed that she had a massive ovarian mass measuring 21/20 cm on the right side. The girl was immediately taken in for a surgery where the tumor was successfully removed. The initial report shows tera toma, which refers to tumor found in young people. "It's very rare to find in this age," said oncosurgeon Dr Anil Heroor, who treated the girl.

"The tumor must have been growing since the past two years. But it only got detected now. This kind of tumor usually does not show any symptom. They had first approached a local physician, who suggested ultra sonography. The tumour was first detected there," said Heroor. He said the tumor weighed around 2.5kilos.

In a month's time, Heroor claimed he has seen three such patients with similar condition.

"All these patients were detected with cancer when the biopsy was carried out. This girl was lucky as the tumour got detected at an early stage and was removed on time," he said.

Ovarian cancer is commonly detected at post menopausal age-group of 50 and above.

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Mumbai: New suburban rakes may be introduced in May

MUMBAI: Mumbaikar are likely to get the first of the new rakes for suburban services in May. Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) had placed orders for 72 rakes that will run on Alternating Current (AC). A senior MRVC official said, "The static trials of two prototype rakes have been completed.

The dynamic trials are under progress in AC territory on CR suburban section, north of Kalyan, which has challenging topography." The official said that so far the trails have not thrown up anything adverse.

He further said, "We hope to complete the process by May. If the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) gives his approval, the rake can be introduced in services in couple of months."

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Trespassing control project bids finalized

MUMBAI: Preliminary work for the trespassing control project at 12 suburban stations is expected to begin in May.

Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) has also finalized bids for the project that are expected to bring down accidents due to crossing of tracks.

A MRVC official said, "The project includes, installation of escalators, elevators, building of new foot over bridges."

He further said, "Our aim is to ensure that the work begins two to three months before monsoon so that there is enough time on hand to take up crucial civil work. We want to finish the work on the project by May 2015."

MRVC has appointed Sir JJ School of Architecture as consultants to study issue of trespassing and suggest remedial measures. The official said, "The consultants identified trespassing prone areas and the reasons on the basis of accident data and field visits. The consultant has claimed that the trespassing related accidents will come down by 75 to 80 per cent if the measures suggested are adopted."

A total of 26 escalators, 12 FOBS, 8 elevators will come up across the selected stations. The official said, "Green patches will be developed in between tracks or the end of the platforms.

These will have heavily branches plants, thus creating barriers to prevent trespass."

The study suggested redesigning of stations so that commuters can disperse fast.

For example at Dadar, it was suggested that three entry and exit gates should be provided on west side. The official further said, "There will inter- connection of FOBS so that people can access the preferred entry and exit points from any end of the station. Moreover, ramps will also be provided at many stations so that it becomes easier for physically handicap people to access the stations."

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Religion, spirituality influence health in complementary ways

Written By Unknown on Minggu, 30 Maret 2014 | 22.23

MUMBAI: Do our religious and spiritual beliefs help us stay healthy? They certainly do, say scientists from the Oregon State University. They work, however, indicates that religion and spirituality have distinct but complementary influences on health.

"Religion helps regulate behavior and health habits, while spirituality regulates your emotions, how you feel," said Carolyn Aldwin, a gerontology professor in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at OSU.

The findings were published recently in the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. Religiousness, including formal religious affiliation and service attendance, is associated with better health habits, such as lower smoking rates and reduced alcohol consumption. Spirituality, including meditation and private prayer, helps regulate emotions, which aids physiological effects such as blood pressure,'' said a press release put out by the university.

"No one has ever reviewed all of the different models of how religion affects health," said Aldwin. "We're trying to impose a structure on a very messy field."

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Motorist assaults traffic cop

MUMBAI: A small-time businessman and a taxi driver were arrested for assaulting a traffic police and threatened him to kill when he signalled the cab to stop for driving on wrong side of the road on Saturday. The drama was witnessed by other motorists plying from Vashi Toll naka in Mankhurd locality that lasted for almost 30 minutes before they were nabbed by the Mankhurd police.

The accused cab driver Rashid Qureshi (26) and businessman Sandeep Sohi (42) were booked under sections of the Indian Penal Code for 332 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 353 (not allowing a public servant to perform duty). "Victim cop Kisan Shinde (43) on seeing the cab plying on the wrong side signaled to stop. However, Qureshi tried to run over Shinde," said Mankhurd police senior inspector Vilas Kanade.

The matter didn't end their. The accused stepped out of the cab and caught hold of Shinde and after assaulting him, chased him to around 100 metres. "Qureshi tried to stone me but pedestrians intervene and called hold of the two accused," Shinde mentioned in the complaint.

Shinde was treated at Shatabdi hospital for the injuries he suffered on his left hand. The two accused were produced before the holiday court on Sunday and they were sent to custody.

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Young voters may dominate this election in Maharashtra

MUMBAI: Among 5.35 crore young voters (aged 18-40) in the state there are only 11 lakh fresh voters (between 18 years and 19 years) who have been registered in the electoral roll and will cast their vote for the first time this election. Similarly, though young voters (18-40 years) in Mumbai region are pegged at around 1.3 crore, the chunk of first-time voters (18-19years) is of only 3.5-4 lakh.

However this election's tally of 11 lakh fresh voters is more than in 2009 when such voters were only 4.79 lakh and so is the case in Mumbai region too. Mumbai region constitutes 25 to 30% of the total vote share of Maharashtra.

According to island city and suburban collectors who are in-charge of the electoral roll said the percentage of voter Id among the voters was lesser than the national average. Against the national average of 98% state's only 92% voters had photo IDs. "In Island city the percentage of voters having photo ID is 89% while in suburban Mumbai, Thane and Raigad districts the same percentage is 75%, 70%, and 91% only," said the commission officials.

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Power bills, loans waived for farmers ahead of Lok Sabha polls

MUMBAI: The relief assistance has been limited to a maximum of two hectares for all farmers restricted to sown areas.

Interestingly, electricity bills of the affected farmers for two quarters (January to June 2014) be borne by the state government (approximately Rs 200 crore ) have been waived off.

Also the time for regular repayment of crop loans for the affected farmers has been extended up to the end of December 2014 and no coercive recovery of crop loans from affected farmers by the bankers till the end of December 2014.

Interest subsidy on crop loans for the affected farmers for the year 2013-14 (approximately Rs 268 crore) is to be paid by the state government. Restructuring of all crop loans for the affected farmers for next three years, that is, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 has been suggested under the package.

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Relaxed BP guidelines cut millions from needing medication

MUMBAI: The new American guidelines for treatment of blood pressure would ensure that millions won't need to take daily medication. In fact, researchers from the Duke University Medical Center state that 5.8 million US adults may no longer needing hypertension medication.

In February, the American Eighth Joint National Committee relaxed the blood pressure goal in adults 60 years and older to 150/90, instead of the previous goal of 140/90. Blood pressure goals were also eased for adults with diabetes and kidney disease.

"Raising the target in older adults is controversial, and not all experts agree with this new recommendation," said lead author Ann Marie Navar-Boggan, a cardiology fellow at Duke University School of Medicine.

For the research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Navar-Boggan and team studied a database including over 16,000 participants with blood pressure measurements. They then determined that the proportion of US adults considered eligible for hypertension treatment would decrease from 40.6 % under the old guidelines to 31.7 % under the new recommendations.

"The new guidelines do not address whether these adults should still be considered as having hypertension," Navar-Boggan said. "But they would no longer need medication to lower their blood pressure."

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For teens, TV leads to more weight gain than computer

MUMBAI: Scientists now have an answer to a dilemma that every modern-day parent faces: is playing on the computer worse than watching television?

A paper from Michigan's Ann Arbor university presented at the American College of Cardiology's ongoing meeting in Washington said that TV is a bigger culprit as far as children's health is concerned. It said that children watching television for more than two hours or more daily were more likely to consume junk food and hence develop risk factors for heart problems in later life.

"While too much of both types of screen time encourages sedentary behavior, our study suggests high TV time in particular is associated with poorer food choices and increased cardiovascular risk," said the study's senior author Elizabeth Jackson.

A press release put out by the American College of Cardiology said sixth-graders who watched between two and six hours of TV a day were more likely to have higher body mass index, elevated systolic and diastolic blood pressure and slower recovery heart rate compared with those reporting low screen time or children who had comparable computer/video game use.

About 1,000 children studying in the sixth class of 24 schools were asked to name the type and frequency of screen time, snacking habits, and food and beverage choices in the last 24 hours. They were divided into three groups: low screen time (less than one-half hour a day), high TV time (two to six hours a day) and high computer/video games (two to six hours a day). The research found that children who spent more time in front of a screen - regardless of the type - snack more frequently and are more likely to choose less healthy snacks.

High TV viewers and computer/video game users both reported eating roughly 3.5 snacks a day - one full snack more than kids who had minimal exposure to these technologies. But children who watched two to six hours a day of TV were more likely than the high computer/video game group to eat high-fat foods such as French fries and chips.

The reason for snacking among children watching TV is perhaps the steady stream of commercials. The research paper added that children tend to have free hands while watching TV as opposed to when they are on the computer or playing video games, which provides more opportunity for mindless snacking

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Shakti Mills case: Top cops happy with rape conviction

Written By Unknown on Sabtu, 29 Maret 2014 | 22.23

MUMBAI: The conviction of the four accused to life imprisonment in the Shakti Mills gang rape cases has been welcomed by police officers who investigated and monitored the cases closely.

The then joint commissioner of police (crime) Himanshu Roy said, "We welcome the conviction set by the court. It sends across a strong signal to would-be offenders that the law will catch up with them eventually. It was a meticulous investigation by a team of officers with a clear intention of providing justice."

Present joint commissioner of police (crime) Sadanand Date who was than holding the charge of law and order said,We are satisfied with the conviction. It was very good team work of officers of police station as well crime branch who worked together. The credit of the conviction also goes to the victim and her friends (photo journalist case) who gave the actual description of accused which helped us in making a sketch of suspect. The sketch helped us in nabbing atleast the first accused. It was a painstaking investigations conducted in a speedy manner.''said Date.

Niket Kaushik who was the additional commissioner of police said, "This conviction shows the criminal justice system is active and live. Its was very hard work of the entire team but I also give the credit to the other agencies like Forensic Science Laboratory, the Jaslok hospital which helped us in the speedy and timely reports and lastly the courage shown by victim.''

Assistant commissioner of police Yashwant Watkar said, It will strengthen the police and judiciary system and it will be a deterrent to criminals in long run. Now the accused will regret for their heinous act.''

Police said that the around 60 policemen of various units worked day and night from collecting evidence, interrogating the accused, taking the accused to the site of crime and presenting the evidence in the court. Police is likely to give a certificate to all team members.

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MSRTC minibus collides with truck at Palghar, 10 hurt

MUMBAI: Ten passengers, including three minors, were injured when a truck collided with a state transport mini bus at Palghar on Saturday. The driver of the truck has been arrested.

The mini bus operated by the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) between Boisar and Palghar, left Boisar with 31 passengers. As the bus reached the Dhawale Charitable Hospital on the busy Boisar-Palghar highway at around 3 pm, a truck coming from the opposite direction collided with the bus.

Ten passengers, including a woman and three children sustained injuries on the head and hands. The remaining passengers escaped unhurt. The injured are being treated at the Dhawale hospital where the condition of one passenger is said to be serious.

The Palghar police arrested the truck driver Chetan Dongre who hails from Nasik. He has been booked for negligent and rash driving. Police said that the driver will undergo medical test to ascertain if he was drunk. Dongre will be produced before the Palghar holiday court on Sunday.

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Racketeer's bail rejected

MUMBAI: Bombay high court rejected the anticipatory bail application of a social worker from Malegaon, Irfan Tamboli, stating that he is a key man in a medical racket run under the name of Jeevani Arogya Yojna.

"Prima facie it appears that Dr Wasim Ansari absconding accused Dr TK Sahi and Tamboli were running a racket systematically in the name of patients and withdrew the amounts disbursed by the government which were to be utilised for the cancer patient. The cheque was issued in the name of Balaji hospital and the money was not given to the patient directly it is stated by public prospector that complainant in fact did not have any malignancy any as per the report of Tata hospital," stated judge Mridula Bhatkarwhile rejecting Tamboli's anticipatory bail.

Earlier the session court had rejected Tamboli's anticipatory bail saying he was the middleman of the racket involving two senior doctors. Now Khar police are looking for Tamboli who is absconding. Police said that Tamboli who impersonifies himself as social worker is a key man in the racket. Police are also looking for Dr Sahi, while Dr Ansari has obtained an anticipatory bail.

The case pertains to a complaint filed by Cancer patient Rajesh Singh, who alleged that he was duped by Dr Sahi, Ansari and Tamboli. Singh, an oral cancer survivor, had lodged a complaint at the J J Marg police station against Shahi, former professor of surgery at JJ Hospital, on co-surgeon Ansari and Tamboli, associated with Balaji Hospital, for cheating him of Rs 2.5 lakh in the name of Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojna. The state has started the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana for the economically weak, whose income is less than Rs 1 lakh per annum. Under the scheme, those who cannot meet their medical expenses at hospitals, can apply for a grant from the government that offers Rs 1.5 lakh to every family annually. Over 900 ailments are covered and benefactors can use their cards at any of the empanelled hospitals, public or private.

Singh (32) lodged a complaint alleging that Dr Shahi and Dr Ansari had charged him for treatment and pocketed the money claimed under Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana. Singh's family alleged that the police were reluctant to register the complaint and suggested they settle the matter outside the police station. They filed the case only after Singh lodged a cheating and medical negligence complaint with the health department.

According to the FIR, Dr Shahi and Dr Ansari asked Singh to deposit Rs 2.5 lakh in instalments in March 2012, but he was not given receipts. His family accidentally got access to papers mentioning the scheme. "Rs 1.5 lakh had been paid to the hospital for my brother's treatment," claimed his sister Sangeeta, adding Tamboli had encashed the cheque. Last year the Balaji hospital had distance itself by saying Dr Ansari was only a consultant, and Dr Shahi not attached to the hospital.

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Sunil Lahoria murder accused's bail rejected

MUMBAI: The Thane court on Friday rejected the fresh bail application of Suresh Bijlani in connection with murder of Navi Mumbai builder Sunil Lahoria. This is the 13th time that various courts including the Supreme Court had rejected Bijlani's bail.

On Wednesday the Supreme Court while rejecting Bijlani's two applications for extension of his parole and permanent bail, had directed him to immediately surrender before the Thane jail as there was no provisions of bail in murder case. Bijlani's desperate attempt for bail just two days after supreme court rejected his bail has baffled the police.

Last month Bijlani had got interim bail for a month on the grounds that his 70-year old father Chellaram Bijlani was suffering from oral cancer and required to undergo a surgery at Wockhart hospital. Early this month Bijlani sought another one month's extension and grant of regular bail.

"The SC has said that since his father is being operated on March 25, he should surrender on March 26 without any further delay," a police officer said.

Lahoria's son Sandeep too had moved the SC for cancellation of his bail extension saying that every time Bijlani sighted same reason. The crime branch also said that it was not proper for Bijlani to stay out as he may tamper with the evidence and witnesses and two other accused -Mahesh Bijlani and Anuragh Garg who are yet to be arrested. Secondly police said that there is threat to Sandeep's life.

Lahoria was shot dead on February 16 last year outside his Navi Mumbai office and police have so far arrested 11 persons including retired encounter specialist Emannual Ammolik.

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Healthcare industry leaders outline vision for future of healthcare

MUMBAI: Healthcare industry leaders gathered in the city to discuss key issues plaguing the sector and to look for solutions to deal with them.

"Healthcare is basically disease management. We should build our system from the ground up to create a new blue-print of India's healthcare. We have over 800,000 ASHAs (Accredited Social Healthcare Activists) in India but they lack medical skills. All we have to do is to upscale their skills so that they can be the eyes and ears of the healthcare system on the ground." He added that ASHA volunteers will be a big help in ensuring quick diagnosis of diseases and reducing the incidence of non-communicable diseases.

Dr Devi Shetty, founder & chairman of Narayana Health spoke about the acute shortage of medical specialists in the country. "While the US has 19,000 undergraduate medical seats and 32,000 PG seats, in India it is the opposite - the country has close to 50,000 undergraduate medical seats but only 14,000 PG seats," he said.

He added, "The low number of PG seats results in a shortage of specialists. This can have terrible consequences on the ground. For example, India has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world and this is unrelated to the amount of money we spend on healthcare. The reason is that we have created a regulatory structure where only a specialist can perform certain tasks, and the country simply doesn't produce enough of these specialists," he said.

Shetty suggested that to tide over the problem, the country needs medical educational institutions on the line of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) in Maharashtra which would offer diploma courses in fields like anesthesia, gynecology, and pediatrics to medical graduates. "This can convert the entire 50,000 medical graduates produced in India every year into specialists who can then help reduce maternal mortality in India," he added. "If we want to deliver better healthcare outcomes, India doesn't require money. We only require policy changes. This will not happen till the Government looks at medical education as integral part of the country's development."

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80% of world's population living in polio-free certified regions

MUMBAI: WHO southeast Asia region was certified polio-free by an independent commission under the WHO certification process on Friday. This is the fourth of six WHO Regions to be certified and with this step, 80% of the world's population now lives in polio-free regions.

Certification of the Region comes as countries prepare for the introduction of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) in routine immunization as part of the eventual phasing out of oral polio vaccines (OPV). More than 120 countries currently use only OPV. These countries will introduce a dose of IPV by the end of 2015 as part of their commitment to the global polio endgame plan which aims to ensure a polio-free world by 2018.

Before a Region can be certified polio-free, several conditions must be satisfied such as: at least three years of zero confirmed cases due to indigenous wild poliovirus; excellent laboratory-based surveillance for poliovirus; demonstrated capacity to detect, report, and respond to imported cases of poliomyelitis; and assurance of safe containment of polioviruses in laboratories (introduced since 2000).

"This is a momentous victory for the millions of health workers who have worked to eradicate polio from the region," said Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, regional director for the WHO South-East Asia Region. An independent panel of 11 public health experts, epidemiology, virology, clinical medicine and related specialties constituting the South-East Asia Regional Certification Commission for Polio Eradication (SEA-RCCPE) met for two days to review evidence from countries before reaching the decision that all 11 countries of the Region are now polio-free and have met the requirements for certification.

WHO Regional Director also sounded a word of caution to maintain high vigilance against importation of polio. "Until polio is globally eradicated, all countries are at risk and the region's polio-free status remains fragile. High immunization coverage can prevent an imported virus from finding an under-immunized, susceptible population," she added.

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Jiah Khan case: HC asks cops why SMS text, calls not in chargesheet

Written By Unknown on Jumat, 28 Maret 2014 | 22.23

MUMBAI: The Bombay high court on Friday asked Juhu police to explain why it had not included in the chargesheet the text of SMS messages and number of telephone calls received by actor Jiah Khan minutes before her death.

The court was hearing a petition filed by Rabia Khan, mother of Jiah, demanding a probe by Special Investigating Team or CBI into the actor's death as she suspected that it was a case of murder and not suicide.

"You (police) must place all the material before the Court and let the Judge decide what to do", a bench of Justices Naresh Patil and Abhay Thipsay told Additional Public Prosecutor Madhavi Mhatre who represented the state of Maharashtra and Juhu police which is probing the case.

Mhatre sought time to seek instructions from the State and police on their stand for transferring the case to CBI or SIT and why they had not included text of SMS messages and numbers of telephone calls received by Jiah just before she was found dead in her house last year.

The bench posted the matter for hearing on April 7. In October 2013, Rabia had filed a petition seeking CBI probe but did not press for it as the High Court had asked police to record her statement and probe as if it was a case of murder.

The police had probed on these lines and filed a chargesheet saying it was a suicide case and charged actor Suraj Pancholi, Jiah's boyfriend, for abatement of suicide.

Senior Counsel Mahesh Jethmalani, on behalf of Rabia, argued that he was asking for a fair and transparent probe.

The police have made out a case as if Jiah was a maniac and in depression and hence she committed suicide. But, circumstances point out that this could be a case of murder, Jethmalani said.

He argued that two days before her death, Jiah had returned from Hyderabad after bagging a role in a film. It is very unlikely that she would commit suicide.

53-year-old Rabia has cited circumstances which point out that Jiah was allegedly killed. The air-condition of Jiah's bedroom was on but windows were open when she was found dead. Also, there is no explanation as to how Jiah reached the ceiling fan to hang herself when there was no stool in house.

Blaming Suraj for her daughter's death, Rabia said she had carried out a sting operation of few witnesses who said in an audio recording that they had not told police what had been recorded in their statements, thereby doubting the police version that Jiah had committed suicide.

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Mumbai Marathon raises Rs 20 crore

MUMBAI: Organizers of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2014, along with their charity partners United Way of Mumbai, broke all previous records to raise Rs 20.11 crore. This is an increase of Rs 1.5 crore from last year. The money will benefit 269 NGOs associated with the event this year.

The amount raised by SCMM 2014 was announced at an event held in the city on Thursday and governor K Sankaranarayanan was the chief guest. "Mumbai marathon truly represents the spirit of this city and knows no difference between the young and old, poor and rich, able-bodied and physically challenged. Its growing response is testimony to the tremendous popularity and mass appeal," said the governor.

This year, SCMM brought together 39,510 participants and the final funds raised were the combined efforts of 171 participating companies, 1,254 fundraisers and 14,742 individual donors.

Shrimad Rajchandra Love & Care emerged as the highest fund-raising NGO for the fourth year in a row, having generated Rs 1.59 crore. Save the Children was close with Rs 1.04 crore, followed by Isha Education that raised Rs 1 crore. Ramani Sankara Raman was the highest individual fund raiser this year with an amount of Rs 28.77 lakh for Amar Seva Sangam.

The organisers also felicitated press photographers for capturing some of the best moments at SCMM 2014. TOI photographers Santosh Bane and Sanjay Hadkar were amongst the four press photographers felicitated on Thursday.

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Two types of grace marks for financial managment students

MUMBAI: Final-year students of Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) have heaved a sigh of relief after Mumbai University increased the internal grace marks. Moreover, students who have merely failed in financial management will be granted the benefit of two types of grace marks-statutory grace marks and internal grace marks. Besides, the results of revaluation will be out in a day or two, said controller of examinations Padma Deshmukh.

The rule of applying two kinds of grace marks will be allowed to all those with a minimum score of 9 and they will automatically clear the subject. Explaining the criteria for statutory grace marks, dean T P Madhu Nair said that if a student had failed only in one subject, 1% of the aggregate score or 5 marks, whichever was lower, could be awarded to students. Additionally, 10 marks of internal grace score will also be granted.

For instance, if a student has scored 11, 5 marks under the statutory gracing rule and 10 marks as internal grace score will be added, thus taking the overall score in financial management to 26. "I have written to the vice-chancellor to grant one more provision to students. I have stated that if students take a re-exam, the higher score of either attempt must be considered in the result," said Nair.

In fact, several principals, including him, have goaded their students to take the exam again so that they have a better overall percentage. The confusion in this year's financial management paper took place because of bloopers made by the paper-setter who provided an "error-ridden" model answer book for evaluation.

This year's result was "abnormally" poor. Of the 11,254 candidates who appeared, merely 5,072 passed, a success rate of 45%. Several students were awarded grace marks and the pass percentage stood at 58%, which is dramatically lower than in all other subjects.

Ever since the results were released, students have been protesting. The university finally decided to a have re-look into the evaluation.

A group of senior teachers were asked to pick four papers from each of the 72 exam centres. They re-assessed the papers to find the variation caused because of the goof-up. They all acknowledged that there was some amount of variation and the university needed to rectify the problem.

Students who have scored less than 9, will have to take the exam again. But under the credit system, they will get a class based on their scores and not the demeaning 'pass class' which earlier used to given to those who had earlier failed.

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Commuter booked for questioning TTEs over fine receipt

MUMBAI: A 38-year-old commuter, who questioned two travelling ticket examiners when he noticed them charging fines without issuing receipts in Mumbai was booked by the RPF on Wednesday.

The commuter, Vijay Ghorpade, alleged that the TTEs called him "Kejriwal" when he started arguing with them. RPF officials said Ghorpade had "obstructed public servants from doing their duty". A probe has been ordered.

Ghorpade, a Juinagar resident, runs a computer DTP operating firm in Kurla. Around 1pm, he was waiting to board a CST local when he noticed two teenaged girls being searched by two women TTEs. "The girls had a second-class ticket and were found travelling in the first-class coach. The TTEs were searching their bags and pockets and found some loose cash. I was surprised to notice that no receipt was issued to the girls who said they were on their way to an exam and were weeping," Ghorpade told TOI.

Ghorpade went up to the TTEs and asked why they weren't issuing receipts to the girls. He also asked the duo to return at least Rs 10 to the two girls so they could reach their destination safely. An argument broke out between the TTEs and Ghorpade.

"The TTEs asked me what authority I had and if I was 'Kejriwal' to be asking questions. They warned they would teach me a lesson and summoned patrolling RPF jawans. I was hauled to the Mankhurd RPF outpost where I was booked under section 146 of the Railway Act. Around 5pm, I was allowed to go home and have been asked to appear before a railway court on Friday," he added.

"The two TTEs told the teenaged girls that I should pay their fines since I was intervening on their behalf. When I refused to pay fines for them, the girls too were hauled to Mankhurd RPF outpost. They were allowed to leave after an hour," Ghorpade added.

M S Qureshi, assistant security commissioner, Panvel RPF, told TOI, "The TTEs were doing their job booking the two girls for travelling in the first-class coach without a proper ticket. Ghorpade interfered with their duty which is a punishable offence. He has submitted a written complaint to me, with his version, which has been forwarded to the senior divisional security commissioner's office."

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Ulhasnagar: Advocate booked for 'raping' colleague

ULHASNAGAR: An advocate was booked for raping a colleague advocate for months on the pretext of marriage. However, when he reneged on his promise, the girl lodged a rape complaint against him.

The rape case was registered at Ulhasnagar police station on Thursday late night.

The police said the accused Ricky Kanhaiyalal Chabariya, 26, is resident of Ulhasnagar 1 and practicing at Ulhasnagar court.

Police said Chabariya came in contact with the victim who also practices at the same court, few months ago and their relationship turned in to love.

The accused lured the victim and promised to marry her and during the period he made several times physical relationship with the victim.

However, when the victim asked Chabariya for marriage, the accused started neglecting her, claiming that his family is not ready for their marriage.

"On complaint of the victim we have registered rape case against the accused and have launched manhunt for the accused who is now on the run" said Kishore Jadhav, senior police inspector with Ulhasnagar police station.

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​Shakti Mill rape case adjourned in trial court

MUMBAI: The sessions court presiding over the trial of three convicts as repeat offenders in the Shakti Mill rape case adjourned the proceedings on Friday to next Tuesday.

Both, the prosecution and the defence sought an adjournment as they wanted to wait for a copy of the Bombay high court order passed on Thursday on a defence plea against the addition of an extra charge under section 376E of Indian Penal Code by the trial court. The section deals with punishment for repeat rapists. The maximum punishment is death.

The high court on Thursday declined to interfere in the Shakti Mills gang-rape case of photojournalist at this stage. Hearing a petition filed by the accused challenging the adding of charges that attract the death penalty, a division bench of Justice Naresh Patil and Justice Abhay Thipsay said that the accused could raise the issue of whether the charges were properly added before the trial court.

The high court also issued notice to the attorney general on the challenge by the accused to the Constitutional validity of section 376 e that allows a maximum punishment of death for a repeat offender.

Vijay Jadhav, Qasim Shaikh and Salim Ansari who were held guilty of raping a photo journalist approached the high court on Wednesday morning following the trial court's order to add charges under section 376 E of the Indian penal Code, as they were also convicted for raping a telephone operator. They have also challenged the constitutional validity of the provision introduced last year.

The advocate general said that since the sentence was not pronounced in the photo journalist's case the law allowed the trial court to add charges and consider the previous conviction to punish the trio for being repeat offenders. He said that only after a punishment is awarded that a judgment can be said to have been pronounced.

Defence lawyers Moin Khan and R Gadgil opposed this and they claimed that judgments in both cases were pronounced on the same day with a few minutes of each other.

Advocate Aabad Ponda, who was appointed as an amicus curiae (friend of the court) to assist the court said that the use of 376E in the photojournalist rape case after they were convicted in the telephone operator rape case was questionable.

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Shakti Mills gang rape: HC refuses to interfere in trial 'at this stage'

Written By Unknown on Kamis, 27 Maret 2014 | 22.23

MUMBAI: The Bombay high court on Thursday declined to interfere in the Shakti Mills gang rape case of a photojournalist at this stage.

Hearing a petition filed by the accused challenging the adding of charges that attract the death penalty, a division bench of Justice Naresh Patil and Justice Abhay Thipsay said that the accused could raise the issue of whether the charges were properly added before the trial court. This leaves a window open for the accused to argue before the trial court that the prosecution was not right in invoking section 376 E in the case.

The high court also issued notice to the attorney general on the challenge to the constitutional validity of section 376 E of the Indian Penal Code that presecribes a maximum punishment of death sentence for a second time offender in rape cases.

Vijay Jadhav, Qasim Shaikh and Salim Ansari who were held guilty of raping a photo journalist approached the high court on Wednesday morning following the trial court's order to add charges under section 376 E of the Indian penal Code, as they were also convicted for raping a telephone operator.

Advocate general Darius Khambata said that since the sentence was not pronounced in the photo journalist's case the law allowed the trial court to add charges and consider the previous conviction to punish the trio for being repeat offenders. He said that only after a punishment is awarded that a judgment can be said to have been pronounced. Defence lawyers Moin Khan and R Gadgil opposed this and they claimed that judgments in both cases were pronounced on the same day with a few minutes of each other.

Advocate Aabad Ponda, who was appointed as an amicus curiae (friend of the court) to assist the court said that the use of 376 e in the photo journalist rape case after they were convicted in the telephone operator rape case was questionable.

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Two drug peddlers arrested

MUMBAI: The anti narcotic cell of Mumbai police on Thursday arrested two persons and recovered 207 grams of heroine from them.

The two arrested accused have been identified as Arif Baig (40)and Mohan Nair (21). Acting on the tip off the ANZ unit of Azad Maiden laid a trap at Reay Road in South Mumbai and detained the two suspects moving suspiciously. On cornering and search resulted in recovery of two packets containing white powder.

"Drug checking kit confirmed it was heroine. We have booked them under the NEWS act and further probe for the source is going on. Both accused have shoddy background. One of the accused's father was arrested with huge quantity of ganja." said DCP Kishor Jadhav.

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Dindoshi flyover repairs delayed

MUMBAI: Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) is awaiting traffic departments No Objection Certificate (NOC) to undertake repairs of South-bound arm of the Dindoshi fyover, which had been damaged in October 2013.

A senior MSRDC official official said , "As soon as we get permission, South-bound arm of the fly over will be shut for atleast a month for repairs. This will result in traffic snarls on the Western Express highway but we do not have any other option."

MSRDC has approved Rs 56 lakh for the repairs after a structural audit carried out by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay found out that the damages are of structural nature.

The 13-yeard old flyover was shut for few days in October a crater developed on the middle lane of the carriageway. Though repairs were carried out, MSRDC officials decided to investigate if the damage was intensive.

Since October, only light motor vehicles are allowed to use the South-bound carriageway.

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Harbour line 12-car extension work to begin soon at CST

MUMBAI: Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) asked the Central Railway to begin planning for the Harbour line extension work at Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), whose platform Number 1 may have to be shut for few days.

A senior official said, "Space is an issue as far as extension of platform No 1, abutting the ground floor of the New Administrative building, concerned. The only possible solution is extend Platform No 2. If this plan works out, the access and entry to the 3 coach (Masjid end) will be only through Platform No. 2."

Harbour line service operate from Platform No. 1 and 2 from CST. The extension of harbour line from 9 to 12 coach is expected to improve the carrying capacity of the trains by 33 per cent. Twelve-car trains already operate on CR's main line and WR corridor between Churchgate and Dahanu. An official said, "We will have think hard before approval is given for extension work at CST.

We may have to operate the trains from main line platforms for a couple of days to facilitate work."

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Marine beautification tenders to be issued in July 2014

MUMBAI: Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is expected to issue tenders for the Marine drive beautification project by July 2014.

A senior MMRDA official said, "The detailed design of the project is being prepared after which the tenders can be issued but the work on the ground is likely to begin only after the assembly elections scheduled to be held in December because of code of conduct."

Work on the second phase was on the hold in the absence of approvals from heritage committee Coastal Regulatory Zone.

The Rs 76-crore project, include viewing galleries, an amphitheatre and better amenities for the area, was cleared by the Maharashtra Coastal Management Authority (MCZMA) in June. "We will use environment-friendly material, in sync with the existing landscape at Marine Drive," the official added.

While the promenade will be extended from Land's end of Marine Drive towards Machimar Nagar, the walkway will be extended into the sea and end at an open-air amphitheatre. It will have biotopes that act as tide markers, besides being used as an informal assembly space.

At the NCPA-end, space will be earmarked for light exercise and activities like volley ball, skating and cycling. A semi-circular seating gallery with seating extending over the sea along the promenade, will also be developed, with protective railings.

The walkway under the Princess Street flyover will be widened along with a sea-facing seating arrangement. The Parsi Heritage Gate will also get a facelift, with extended steps to access the sea.

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New MMRDA building to be ready in six months

MUMBAI: The work on the new Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Building in Bandra-Kurla complex is expected to be completed in six months.

As per the earlier deadline, the MMRDA officials were expected to move in the new building by September 2014.

MMRDA's metropolitan commissioner UPS Madan said, "There has been some delay as the interior work is being carried out. We hope to move in the new building in six months."

The cost of the project has also increase due to the delay in finishing the work. A senior official said, "The original cost of the project was Rs 48 crore but it is now going to cost Rs 110 crore."

The work on the nine-storey building, which is behind the existing MMRDA head quarters, had begun in March 2008. The exteriors of the building will have glass facade.

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Shakti Mills gang rape: Court adjourns additional charge trial to Thursday

Written By Unknown on Rabu, 26 Maret 2014 | 22.23

MUMBAI: The sessions court in Mumbai adjourned to Thursday the proceedings in the Shakti Mills gang-rape case.

The court was hearing the trial of three accused after it had allowed an additional charge of repeat offenders to be added against them after their conviction last week in two separate cases of gang rapes that had occurred at the abandoned Shakti Mills Compound in south Mumbai.

The trio who were common to and convicted in the gang-rape cases filed by a telephone operator and a photo-journalist, challenged in the Bombay high court the session court's order permitting the additional charge against them.

The HC on Wednesday heard the matter where the prosecution said no notice was served to them. The HC, which is hearing the matter, asked criminal lawyer Aabad Ponda to assist the court and check legal points to state whether charges could be amended and added after conviction in the Shakti Mills gang-rape case.

The charge added was section 376E of the Indian Penal Code which deals with punishment of a rapist who is a repeat offender and had been convicted for rape earlier. The charge was introduced in the amendments made to the law last year. The charge allows for death sentence as the maximum punishment.

The trial court is yet to complete the trial for the charge and the prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam had examined two witnesses as he attempts to prove that the three convicts are indeed repeat offenders since they were convicted on March 20 in the telephone operator's case first and then in the photojournalist's case the same day.

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Railways to run Gudi Padwa special to Konkan

MUMBAI: In order to cater to the train passengers going to Konkan region for the Gudi Padva festival, reserved special trains will run between CSTM and Madgaon on Konkan Railway route on 29/3/2014.

Train no 01005 CSTM - Madgaon special train will leave from CSTM at 0020 hrs and reach Madgaon at 1240 hrs same day.

Train no 01006 Madgaon - CSTM special train will leave from Madgaon at 1330 hrs and reach CSTM at 2355 hrs same day.

The train will halt at Dadar, Thane, Panvel, Roha, Khed, Chiplun, Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri, Rajapur, Kankavali, Kudal, Sawantwadi, and Thivim stations. The train will have 23 coaches.

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EC's decision to defer gas price revision goes against stated government policy

MUMBAI: CII expresses its concerns and reservations on the EC's decision to defer the government's proposal on gas prices as it would go against the stated government policy and adversely impact investment decisions of the oil and gas industry.

"We would like to reiterate that it is only a computation decision where the formula is pre-fixed on the basis of a cabinet decision. The decision to hold back price revisions could have a long term impact on the investment climate in this crucial sector," Kris Gopalakrishnan, president, CII stated. The final modalities of calculating the price was notified on January 10, 2014 - around 2 months before the model code of conduct came into effect on March 5.

To keep gas prices suppressed at the existing level, which is almost at half of the estimated revised prices, would come as a bonanza for poll-bound consumers, which by itself may be treading on the model code of conduct.

The decision to revise prices of natural gas was taken by the Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs on June 27 2013, almost nine months ago. Energy scarcity and the need for ensuring its security has been a constant policy pillar in government policies.

Fixing the actual price as per the formula is a procedure to be followed every quarter using actual data, some components of which are available only on the 14th of the preceding month before the quarter for which the price is calculated and fixed. Hence in this case, the price for April-June has been calculated based on actual data that came in on March 14th.

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Woman files rape case against her boyfriend and businessman husband

MUMBAI: A south Mumbai based woman filed a rape case alleging that her businessman husband threatened to circulate her video in a compromising position with a stranger among their relatives if she didn't give him divorce.

She alleged that the stranger lured her in a relationship on behest of her husband and raped her in a Juhu hotel room after promising to marry her.

The V P Road police registered the rape case against the husband, the stranger (his friend) and an unknown person who was allegedly hiding in the hotel room and clicked the photograph. The V P Road police transferred the case to Juhu police station for further investigation as the alleged incident took place in their jurisdiction.

The woman and her husband living separately from few years and had a child who lives with mother. The woman and her husband fighting their divorce case in a family court.

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African destinations offer best bargain to tourists

MUMBAI: Travellers looking to bag a bargain should head south to Africa where three of the continent's destinations feature in the top five places offering the best value - Tunis in Tunisia, Cape Town in South Africa and Marrakech in Morocco, said a survey released by an online travel portal on Wednesday.

The report compared the cost of room service items in 48 popular destinations around the world and to do so took into account the cost of a club sandwich ordered through room service, the dry cleaning of one shirt and from the mini bar: a bottle of water, peanuts, a mini bottle of vodka and a can of cola, said a release issued by TripAdvisor, the company that released the findings.

"In Europe, the least expensive city destination for room service is Budapest, where a full set of basket items will cost over a third of the price of the equivalent items' cost in Helsinki. London, on the other hand is considered one of the world's most expensive destinations, but when it comes to the common costs incurred once checked-in to a hotel, the capital actually provides better value than many rival European cities, said the report. This year, it was ranked 13th in the priciest list - making it a cheaper option than New York and Paris.

While Tunis was revealed as the number one destination for best value room service, when one considers the cost of room service and room rate combined, Jakarta at Rs 7335.17 replaced Tunis as number one destination for value overall.

In the most expensive list, it seems that pricey room service and pricey hotel room rates go hand-in-hand as eight of the costliest destinations remain in the top 10. This time however, New York City replaces Helsinki as the most expensive with a total cost of Rs 26679.76 compared with Helsinki's Rs 17891.39.

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Shakti mills case: HC seeks trial to be deferred to Friday

MUMBAI: The Bombay high court on Wednesday asked the public prosecutor to request Ujjwal Nikam, special public prosecutor in the Shakti Mills case, to defer the hearing before a trial court by a day to Friday. Hearing a petition filed by three accused facing charges of raping a photo journalist, a division bench of Justice Naresh Patil and Justice Abhay Thipsay asked the prosecution as to how could charges be added after the judgment was pronounced in the case.

The court has adjourned the hearing to Thursday, when the prosecution is likely to defend the legality of adding charges. Vijay Kadam, Mohamad Quasim Shaikh and Mohammad Salim Ansari had approached the high court to challenge a decision of the trial court to allowed an additional charge of repeat offenders to be added against them after their conviction last week in two separate cases of gang rapes that had occurred at the abandoned Shakti Mills Compound in south Mumbai.

The trio who were common to and convicted in the gang-rape cases filed by a telephone operator and a photo-journalist, face the prospect of being sentenced to jail for life or the death sentence under the newly enacted section 376 (e) of the Indian Penal Code.

Public prosecutor Sandeep Shinde said that since the sentence was not pronounced the law allowed the trial court to add charges and consider the previous conviction to punish the trio for being repeat offenders. Defence lawyers Moin Khan and R Gadgil opposed this. Advocate Aabad Ponda, who has been appointed as an amicus curiae (friend of the court) in the case to assist the court pointed out that the law did not allow charges to be modified after judgment had been pronounced.

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Increase in frequency of Pune-Indore train

Written By Unknown on Selasa, 25 Maret 2014 | 22.23

MUMBAI: Central Railway has decided to increase the frequency of Pune-Indore express due to increase in demand.

A CR spokesperson said, "We have decided to increase the frequency of this train from Tri-weekly to four times our a week."

As a result, Train No.19311 Pune-Indore Express will leave Pune on every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from March 27."

Train No.19312 Indore-Pune Express will leave Indore on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from March 26.

The reservation bookings for train no.19311 for increased day of frequency has opened.

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Mumbai faces astronomical rates of land

MUMBAI: Acute land shortage in Mumbai has led to a ridiculous situation where plots fetch astronomical rates. On Monday, a 25-acre sprawl belonging to Tata Steel in the suburban Mumbai invited the highest bid of Rs 1,155 crore. Over the past decade, as the housing shortage became more severe, the city recorded phenomenal property transactions. Fours years ago, a land parcel sold for over Rs 4,000 crore, a national record of sorts.

So why does this happen in a city where half the population live in shanties? India's commercial and financial capital is one of the densely populated cities in the world. Some parts of the island city hold over 40,000 people in a sq km.

The city's land mass is barely 480 sq m, but its buildable area is even less--just about 200 sq km in which live over 12 million people. This makes Mumbai a highly claustrophobic city.

The city requires 2.1 million houses with an annual demand for about 2 lakh homes. However, private developers who control Mumbai's real estate development (mainly because the government has abdicated its responsibility as far as housing is concerned) provide barely 25,000 houses every year.

This supply does not meet the demand, and hence land prices continue to increase. But a drastic situation requires drastic solutions. The local authority must completely overhaul the governing concepts of development plan. This includes effective land use pattern, creation of more housing stock by pooling of land and making it available for residents.

This should be combined with a plan to decongest the city by creating mega cities with rapid public transport in the larger Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Mumbai has great potential, but it is a severe lack of housing and infrastructure, which holds it back.

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Land prices in Mumbai touch new high

MUMBAI: Acute land shortage in Mumbai has led to a ridiculous situation where plots fetch astronomical rates. On Monday, a 25-acre sprawl belonging to Tata Steel in the suburban Mumbai invited the highest bid of Rs 1,155 crore. Over the past decade, as the housing shortage became more severe, the city recorded phenomenal property transactions. Fours years ago, a land parcel sold for over Rs 4,000 crore, a national record of sorts.

So why does this happen in a city where half the population live in shanties? India's commercial and financial capital is one of the densely populated cities in the world. Some parts of the island city hold over 40,000 people in a sq km.

The city's land mass is barely 480 sq m, but its buildable area is even less--just about 200 sq km in which live over 12 million people. This makes Mumbai a highly claustrophobic city.

The city requires 2.1 million houses with an annual demand for about 2 lakh homes. However, private developers who control Mumbai's real estate development (mainly because the government has abdicated its responsibility as far as housing is concerned) provide barely 25,000 houses every year.

This supply does not meet the demand, and hence land prices continue to increase. But a drastic situation requires drastic solutions. The local authority must completely overhaul the governing concepts of development plan. This includes effective land use pattern, creation of more housing stock by pooling of land and making it available for residents.

This should be combined with a plan to decongest the city by creating mega cities with rapid public transport in the larger Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Mumbai has great potential, but it is a severe lack of housing and infrastructure, which holds it back.

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New DEMU service on Konkan Railway route

MUMBAI: The ministry of railway has decided to introduce a DEMU service between Madgaon and Karwar on Konkan Railway route.

A Konkan Railway spokesperson said, "Train no. 70103 Madgaon - Karwar will run on all days except Sunday and will leave from Madgaon at 10.15am and reach Karwar at 11.50pm same day."

On its return journey, Train no. 70104 Karwar - Madgaon will run on all days except Sunday and will leave from Karwar at 2.50pm and reach Madgaon at 4.10pm. The train will have 3 coaches. The train will halt at Balli, Canacona, Loliem, and Asnoti stations.

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Major fire in Ambernath factory, top official killed

MUMBAI: A major fire broke out at Hanaka Organics Pvt Ltd building in the Morivali MIDC area situated in Ambernath city on Tuesday afternoon. One of the directors of the company was killed in the fire while four others, including a fire brigade official were injured in the incident.

S Narayan is one among three directors of the company which was established in 1984. The fire officials said that the incident happened during lunch time when out of 9 people, 6 labourers were inside the canteen situated near the main gate. The men managed to escape after noticing the fire. The officials found that Narayan was inside company building and could not manage to escape.

The fire officials from Ambernath MIDC said they received a fire call at around 1.35pm from company after which they rushed to the spot and also alerted to nearby fire brigade offices. The fire was brought under control after three hours at about 4.30 pm.

The flames engulfed all the three units of the factory. The Ambernath police is probing the matter and said the cause of the fire is yet to ascertained.

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Hoteliers ask state to adopt Goa model to boost tourism

MUMBAI: Hotel industry in the city under the banner of Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India (HRAWI) has requested the state to adopt some of the key policies of the Goa government such as relaxation in tax burden to 60% during certain seasons in order to promote hospitality and tourism industry attract more tourists. HRAWI has warned the state that it was already losing tourists to Goa and so the revenue.

HRAWI has termed Goa government's sops and existing schemes for the tourism sector as an ideal example appealed to state to emulate them. "The success of tourism in Goa is driven not by the beautiful beaches alone, but also by its tourism friendly policies. The Goa Government's decision to relax tax burden by 60% during off season is a visionary move. This will not only help hotels there to sustain during the slump and serve tourists better during the peak season, but will also encourage budget tourists to visit Goa during off season and increase absolute collection of tax," said Dinesh Advani, President, HRAWI.

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, hotels are paying the highest taxes in the country. "We being a neighboring state that's just 45 minutes away by flight are losing most of our tourism to Goa on the basis of tax disparity. This needs to change and our government needs to realize that tourism is the sleeping giant in Maharashtra. We have the kinds of terrain to make inbound tourists stay that many days longer," said Gurbaxish Singh Kohli, vice-president, HRAWI.

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Auto driver return valuables left by passenger

Written By Unknown on Senin, 24 Maret 2014 | 22.23

BHIWANDI: In an exemplary show of honesty, an autorickshaw driver returned jewellery and cash of worth Rs 1.25 lakh to passenger in Bhiwandi.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon when Vilas Yelkar and his wife Sonal, resident of Thakurli had hired an autorickshaw from Kalyan to go to their relatives house in Bhiwandi, but forgot their bag kept behind seat in the vehicle.

However, the rickshaw driver Kailash Gonte after completion of two more ferry when reached at house, noticed mobile phone ringing from his vehicle.

When Gonte check bag he found valuables containing gold jewellery, cash Rs 4000 and smartphone totalling cost around Rs 1.25 lakh.

Gonte then immediately called up on same phone number through miss call and informed Yelekar about his bag and his residence adress where he returned their bag.

After news spread about Gonte's honest work, rickshaw union decided to facilitate him.

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Police lathicharge mob at Palghar counting centre, 17 hurt

MUMBAI: Around 17 women and men were injured when the police resorted to a lathicharge to control the mob at a counting centre in Palghar on Monday.

The counting of the Palghar Municipal Council elections held on Sunday was on at the Palghar Panchayat Samiti Auditorim from 10 am.

The police had barricaded the entire area. As results for the 28 seats started tricking in, the local unit of the Shiv Sena began celebrating as they were ahead with victory in 10 seats.

The mob tried to break the barricade, following which the police had to resort to lathicharge.

The angry mob retaliated and hurled stones at the policemen. At least 17 persons, most of them women and young girls sustained head injuries. They have been admitted to a nearby hospital.

The final results of the civic elections are awaited.

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) which earlier ruled the municipality got six seats. The Bahujan Vikas Aghadi (BVA) party of former Vasai MLA Hitendra Thakur did not win any seats.

A total of 122 candidates had contested the election which saw a voter turnout of 75%.

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Mumbai cop helps Kashmiri girl's treatment

MUMBAI: A Kashmiri girl has a Mumbai cop to thank for ending her ordeal of 17 years that started with an unexplained medical condition. After doctors at the civic-run Sion Hospital recently operated on her, Sumeira Pala returned to Srinagar, her hometown, with the hope of leading a normal life again.

Pala (24) was struck by scoliosis, a condition of the spine where it bends abnormally taking the shape of a curve instead of staying erect, at the age of seven. She lived with the condition through her childhood but as it progressed in her teenage years, it took a toll on her body posture. She could no longer stand or sit straight as her body got tilted towards one side. She stopped going to school after standard 10 as the pain and discomfort became too much to handle.

But, in an unusual turn of events, Rakesh Sharma, a senior police inspector from the local arms division, happened to visit the Pala family in Srinagar, where they own a houseboat. Sharma told TOI, "I owed Sumeira's father an amount of Rs 50 that he had lent me way back in 1985. He helped me when I was stuck in an unwarranted situation without much money or food. I had to repay the debt." That was when he spotted Pala and convinced the family to come to Mumbai and get her treated.

Sharma got in touch with Dr Ashok Rathod, professor and spine surgeon at Sion Hospital, who has treated several cases of scoliosis. The Pala family, already apprehensive about surgeries after a previous botched-up attempt in an Amritsar hospital, travelled to Mumbai in January. Pala was operated upon on January 21.

"Sumeira underwent a failed surgery about seven years back. It was a tricky redo surgery," said Rathod adding that her spine had become hard after it fused wrongly. "So much so that even the rod fitted in the spine had broken. It was tough to break this long solid bone spanning seven vertebrae. It was risky to get motion at multiple levels and carry out correction at the same time without causing any neurological injury," he added. The surgery took about 10 hours following which she regained her body balance and posture. "And, also her self-confidence to a large extent,"

The family left for Kashmir on Wednesday after their month-long stay. Sumeira said, "The surgery has changed my life. Mumbai will remain special for me," said the youngster adding that she hopes to come back and revisit the Juhu beach and Marine Drive. Her mother Salima said, "If not for Sharma, my daughter would have ended up living a very difficult life".

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Mumbai flat buyers at mercy of property developers

MUMBAI: Flat buyers often find themselves at the mercy of property developers. Unscrupulous builders are known to suddenly turn around and demand additional money from purchasers when the time comes to hand over possession of the flat.

In a recent case in Mumbai, a developer refused to hand over 800 flats unless the people who booked them shell out additional amounts of Rs 8 lakh to Rs 10 lakh each. The builder claimed his cost of construction had shot up and wanted the buyers to pay for it. The aggrieved buyers held a dharna outside the builder's office and have now approached the court.

But at what cost? Middle-class people who have invested their life savings to book a flat have neither the financial resources nor the muscle to take on such rogue developers. Such cases could take years before they are settled.

Builders also start selling flats, sometimes to gullible buyers, even before construction plans are approved. The new Maharashtra Housing (Regulation & Promotion of Construction, Sale, Management & Transfer) Act, approved by the President recently, may offer some solace to the victims, although housing activists say it is full of loopholes.

The provisions stipulate imprisonment and fines against builders who cheat flat-buyers. But the Act will leave out 10-20% Mumbai residents from its ambit as it does not apply to those buying homes built by government agencies like Cidco and Mhada. Families rehabilitated under various government schemes like slum and dilapidated properties redevelopment are also not covered.

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Supportive spouses help women return to work post-motherhood

MUMBAI: It seems to be a trickle. But it is real. The Indian husband, long derided for his touchiness about a working wife, is turning the corner. The traditional 'pati' loathed seeing his 'patni' turn breadwinner — a scenario insulting to his manhood. Indian cinema reflected well this regressive stereotype. In Satyajit Ray's classic 'Mahanagar', an insecure husband reluctantly lets his wife share the burden of making ends meet.

But today's 'pati' is changing. If Delhi resident Aarti Wahaal watches 'Mahanagar', she would perhaps see her husband Yateesh in a new light. For this MBA, her telecom consultant husband has been more than a friend and guide in her career.

Her story shatters the image of the traditional husband. It starts with the usual "give-up-your-job-after-childbirth" theme. The couple decided that one of them should take a step back. Then, after playing the role of a full-time mom for three years, the Wahaals decided that Aarti—29 by then—needed to kick-start her career again.

"After putting in so much effort into her studies and a budding career, she had to sacrifice everything. We decided we couldn't let all that go to waste. A successful career is her right," Yateesh says.

Aarti ruled out a 10-to-5 job and preferred one with flexi-timings. They zeroed in on Tata Teleservices. Yateesh, for his part, went beyond being just supportive. "It wouldn't have been possible without my husband helping me with my resume and mock interviews. His experience in telecom consultancy gave me an added advantage and provided a better insight into the sector," Aarti says.

Jannette D'Costa, manager, HR-special projects, Kuoni India, has a similar tale. After a career spanning 15 years, she quit work when her elder son was in Class X. But when he cleared Class XII, her husband began prodding her.

Jannette's husband Clifford says, "Once the situation at home stabilized, especially when the elder son became capable of taking care of the younger one, we thought she should re-join work. And why not? She is qualified and experienced."

A handful in number they may be, but urban Indian husbands are increasingly encouraging their spouses to stitch together their careers again.

India is one of the lowest ranked countries where female participation in the workforce is concerned. Working women account for just 29% of the total—much lower than the over 70% figure for men. Women hold less than a third of the available managerial positions and their participation on corporate boards is just 4%.

This could be changing. And with it, the nature and dynamics of the husband-wife relationship. A psychologist says that wives' perception of their husbands support in pursuing their careers has a positive impact on marital ties. Over the years, a woman's role in the society has undergone significant transformation. Till recently, the husband's support, even if limited to household chores and childrearing, was considered progressive. Slowly, the bar is being set higher.

Lakshmi Menon's husband Harish Nair is seeking entry into this new club. An engineer by training, Lakshmi, 28, quit her professional life after working with companies such as Japanese instrumentation firm Yokogawa India and Emami Paper Mills. It was not marriage that slammed the brakes on her career. It was her techie husband's shift to London and then Stockholm.

"I'm one of those rare women who got full freedom from their husband and inlaws as far as career was concerned," Lakshmi says. "However, shifting out of India and having a child demanded changes. Now since my daughter is not a toddler, my husband has been pushing me to get my mojo back."

It is not just husbands, though. The male mentality itself perhaps is changing. Many women say that, increasingly, their fathers, brothers and uncles are supporting them in their careers. A CFO with a well-known financial services company was assisted by her uncle in her career. A CEO with another finance firm credits her family for nurturing her professional ambitions. The two did not want to be named.

Perhaps it's time for us women to hum the Bette Midler number, "Did you ever know that you're my hero and everything I would like to be? I could fly higher than an eagle, cause you are the wind beneath my wings."

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Four persons including corporator held in bribery case

MUMBAI: In one of the biggest trap of this year the anti corruption bureau on Monday caught four persons including a BJP corporator , his wife and a civic engineer accepting a bribe of Rs 20,000.

While the ACB officials caught corporator's wife Urmila chaubey, her maid Geeta Yadav and BMC from north ward engineer Anand Rai, police are looking for corporator Mahant Chaubey. Chaubey was not at home at his AntopHill home when acb sleuths laid a trap.

ACB said this the biggest trap in three months. In last 2 weeks the state Acb have arrested more than two dozen civil servants including senior class one all over the state. Sources said that director general of police (acb) praveen Dixit is instrumental in creating awareness about corruption and is encouraging officers to lay traps.

According to ACB the complaint in the case was filed by a civil contractor who does small construction in slum pocket of Antop Hill Wadala. Contractor filed complaint saying that BMC engineer Rai had visited his site and has threatened to demolish the structure. He had accepted Rs 7,000 in past and he was demanding more Rs 10,000 for himself. He also asked complainant to see Chaubey. Chaubey demanded a sum of rs 10,000 for turning a blind eye.complainant who was tired of demands approach ACB and laid a trap on Monday. "Chaubey had asked complainant to hand over the money to his wife.when complainant handed over the cash, Chaubey' wife Urmila accepted it and in turn handed over to her maid servant Geeta Yadav. At the same time Rai too had come to take his share and hence we arrested all three and are looking for Chaubey," said officer.

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All India Radio to air daylong tributes to Farooque Shaikh on March 25

Written By Unknown on Minggu, 23 Maret 2014 | 22.24

MUMBAI: All India Radio is preparing for daylong tributes to Farooque Shaikh on his birth anniversary March 25. The actor, who was born this day in Vadodara in 1948, would have turned 66 on Tuesday.

FM Rainbow Mumbai is recording an hour-long memorial for its 7-8pm 'Humsafar' programme on Tuesday. Channel head Anita Kumar said, "This programme is exclusive to Mumbai. Our Delhi counterpart has a show named "Born To Be Remembered" which will broadcast from 11.30am-12pm. I am trying to speak to them for a similar tribute to Farooque Shaikh."

At 10.05pm, FM Gold Mumbai will air a 55-minute dedication under the title "Yaadon Ke Jharokhe Se". "We commonly devise tributes to artistes on their birth and death anniversaries but the kind of respect that Farooque Shaikh commands is unique by any standards. He certainly deserves a proper dedication. We can easily produce an hour of programming about him with the amount of information that is available in our studios," said channel head Kanchan Prakash Sangeet.

Interestingly, Vividh Bharati with its extensive nationwide reach over medium wave transmitter, has doubled its Farooque Shaikh tribute from an hour to two since speaking to TOI last week.

Producer Ramesh Gokhale is assembling a life sketch of the artist for March 25 morning special titled "Aaj Ke Fankaar". The show is aired at 9.30am. It comprises a montage of archival interviews interspersed with the artiste's film songs.

At 1.00pm the channel will broadcast Shaikh Sahab's "Favourite Five" songs. He had selected "Pyar mujhse jo kiya tumne", "Aaja ri aa nindiya tu aa", "Dekh lo aaj humko ji bharke", "Phir na kije meri gustakh nigahi ka gila" and "Kaun aaya mere man ke dware". Interviewer Nimmi Mishra, who has since retired, played "Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar" as the host's choice of song.

Listeners who are unable to follow these two programmes by day can avail of a repeat broadcast from 9.00-10.00pm.

Shaikh had visited the Gorai studios of Vividh Bharati in 2011 and done extensive recordings.

Incidentally, the channel last aired his "Favourite Five" on its Sunday special on December 15, 2013. Shaikh Sahab passed away 13 days later on December 28.

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Death toll reaches 10 in oil tanker explosion case

MUMBAI: The driver and cleaner of the Dahanu tanker that exploded on Saturday afternoon have been identified. The police are waiting for their families to arrive from Gujarat.

The death toll has gone up to 10. While eight bodies were charred in the flames, two victims succumbed to burn injuries early Sunday at the Thane civil hospital.

Two other victims with over 40 per cent burns at being treated at the hospital.

Police on Sunday identified driver Bahadursingh Gujar (40) and cleaner Vasantlal Sahu (30). Though their bodies will go for DNA testing as they were badly charred, they were identified by their employers.

The tanker carrying around 35 tonnes of petrol skid after losing control on a curve near Charoti naka, rammed into parked vehicles and exploded.

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Matka king Suresh Bhagat's son Hitesh dies in Kolhapur hospital

MUMBAI: Hitesh Bhagat alias Chintoo (35), the only son of Jaya Bhagat who was convicted along with five other accused in killing his own father last year, died in a Kolhapur general hospital on early Sunday morning. Sources said that he was suffering some stomach ailment for past few years since he did the liposuction surgery. Jail authorities said that Hitesh had reported pain in his stomach last month and since than he was regularly taken for check up however last week, he was admitted due to some stomach complications.

In 2008, Hitesh underwent liposuction surgery at hospital and since than he developed stomach complications. Prior to the operation, he was around 110kg, but now weighs around 65 to 70kg. One of Hitesh's lawyers had than told TOI "After liposuction, he had been advised a liquid diet, but once he went on the run following his father's murder he went underground for over a month and could not stick to the diet." Dr Muffazal Lakhdawala was initial treating Hitesh at Raheja Hospital. In 2010, there are reports that he was diagnosed with TB. Additional director general of police (Prisons) Meeran Borwankar confirmed this. "He was having some health problem since very beginning and recently he was admitted at Kolhapur government hospital. He died today morning." said Borwankar.

Interestingly Hitesh and his mother Jaya Chedda were instrumental in planning and executing the killing of matka king Suresh Bhagat to gain over the 3,000 crore matka business. In 2008, TOI in its June 16 edition was first to break the story that it was not accident but a foul play. Sources in the matka business said that immediately after the news of his death was spread, the main matka business shut down its business in Mumbai, Thane and small districts in Thane. There are reports that Jaya and Hitesh ran the business from inside the jail in connivance with their uncle Kiran Chheda from Gujarat.

Chedda, Hitesh Bhagat, Chedda's alleged paramour Suhas Roge, Pravin Shetty alias Pappu, Harish Mandvikar alias Ganiga and Kiran Amle were convicted under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code, sentenced to life imprisonment and fined Rs 20,000 each.

In July last year the court convicted six accused including Jaya and Hitesh in the murder of 'matka king' Suresh Bhagat under Indian Penal Code sections 302 (murder), 120 B (criminal conspiracy) and 34 (common intention). Inspector Ramesh Mahale who took a voluntary retirement a year ago had probe the investigations headed by Rakesh Maria who was than joint commissioner of police crime.

On June 11, 2008, a truck rammed a Scorpio in which Suresh Bhagat and others were travelling, killing all of them. They were returning from an Alibaug court, where the hearing of a 1998 narcotics case had been held. Among those arrested was truck driver Praveen Shetty, who alleged that there was a conspiracy to kill Suresh. Shetty named Harish Mandvekar, who said a contract to eliminate Bhagat had been given by a Suhas Roge. Roge told police that Hitesh and his mother Jaya had hatched the plot. Hitesh and nine others, including Jaya, were arrested and were tried under the stringent act of MCOCA. During the investigations it was transpired that Jaya who had divorced Suresh Bhagat had paid Rs 45 lakh 'supari' to her paramour and Arun Gawli gang member Roge who, in turn, gave it to Mandvikar to carry out the hit. The prosecution alleged the truck was owned by Shaikh and driven by Shetty. Poojari was said to be the 'legal adviser' in the syndicate, helping the co-accused, to ensure that they were not caught.

A gamble that didn't pay off

The murder

On June 13, 2008, matka king Suresh Bhagat (46) and six others, including his lawyer and bodyguards, were killed on Alibaug-Pen Road when a truck rammed into their SUV. Initially, a case of rash driving was registered. Investigations, though, revealed the accident had been allegedly orchestrated by his ex-wife Jaya Chedda (then 45) and son Hitesh for taking over his gambling business.

Those held guilty

1. Jaya Chedda: Bhagat's former wife. He divorced Chedda after suspecting her of an illicit relationship with Suhas Roge, an Arun Gawli aide. She has been convicted of his murder

2. Hitesh Bhagat alias Chintoo: Their 32-yearold son. Both father and son were co-accused in a narcotics case and were to appear in Alibaug court the day Bhagat was killed. Two days before the hearing, Hitesh's advocate moved an application seeking exemption from being present due to ill-health. Hitesh flew to Hong Kong instead. He was convicted

3. Roge promised a supari of Rs 45 lakh to close friend Harish Mandvikar. He, in turn, promised money to truck driver Pravin Shetty and truck owner Azimuddin Shaikh

4. Shetty told the police that Mandvikar paid him Rs 3 lakh to ram the truck into Bhagat's SUV

5. Truck owner Shaikh was initially lured by Mandvikar who said he just "wanted to break somebody's hands and legs" and was promised Rs 5 lakh. Shaikh turned approver in the case

6. Accident was Roge's idea, said the police

7. Kiran Poojari followed Bhagat to Alibaug and alerted driver Shetty. He later turned approver

8. Kiran Amle was at the conspiracy meetings with driver Shetty and execution of the crime

The case details

June to July 2008: All the 8 accused were arrested

July 9, 2008: MCOCA was applied in the case

October 1, 2008: A charge sheet filed under MCOCA

December 12, 2008: Roge filed for revoking MCOCA

April 24, 2009: MCOCA was dropped

June 30, 2011: Charges were framed under the IPC

August 8, 2011, and April 4, 2012: Poojari and Shaikh filed applications to be made approvers

July 26, 2013: Conviction order was passed

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Navi Mumbai residents plant saplings to save ravaged mangroves on World Forestry Day

MUMBAI: Word Forestry Day, on March 21, saw hectic activity in Navi Mumbai. Environmentalists in satellite township near Mumbai, dug in literally and planted hundreds of trees in the areas where mangroves had been cut and destroyed.

The drive organised in Sectore 58, Nerul by the Forest Range Officer, Seema Adgaonkar of the Mangrove Cell received enthusiastic participation from many local residents, including members of Navi Mumbai Environment Preservation Society (NMEPS) to save the ravaged mangroves.

Women and children chipped in too. They joined in the planting activity in the areas adjacent to wetlands where thousands of birds including flamingos come every winter. Vinod Punshi, President NMEPS, said "It is important that the wetland ecosystem is restored, preserved and mangroves replanted. NMEPS proposes to have more plantation drives during monsoons with the assistance of Forests Department (Mangrove Cell)."

Residents returned home with mud splattered hands and clothes, having waded in the wetlands, but their resolve to turn the area green again remained strong.

Sandeep Bangia, a member of NMEPS and the Secretary of Seawoods Estates said "The destruction of mangroves by burning and dumping debris must be stopped. We are very happy and thankful that Forest Dept has now started putting barricades on roads leading into the mangroves preventing dumpers / cars from going into the protected areas."

NMEPS, a Navi Mumbai based group has been at the forefront of environment preservation initiatives and even filed a PIL in the Bombay high court to highlight the issue. They had taken an initiative to remove debris and save the DPS lake when authorities failed to stop the dumping there.

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Two dead after marble swing fell on them

MUMBAI: Two cousins died after a marble swing fell on them in a bungalow compound at Kandivli (West) on Saturday night.

The bungalow owner along with his relatives had organized a spiritual get-together (satsang) at his place for their community. They invited several people for the function along with their kids.

Two Dahisar based family also participated in the function along with their kids Nishiket Adiya, 9, and Karan Adiya, 6.

The two kids were playing in the garden along with other kids when the incident took place.

"The swing was made of marble. While the kids were playing there, it fall on them" said an officer.

The people rushed the kids to hospital after they learnt about the incident. The kids died during the treatment. The police said that they had not register a negligent case in the incident and decide about it after inquiring the details.

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Man killed son for not attending school, grandmother died in shock

AMBERNATH: A 36-year-old man was arrested for allegedly killing his 10-year-old son over the latter's poor academic performance.

Coincidentally, after helping police in arrest of her own son for killing grandson in the case, the woman, Khatunbin Khan, 56, also died of cardiac attack on Sunday morning.

The accused, Aziz Khan, a resident of Bhimnagar slums in Ambernath east in Thane works as driver. He was living with his mother Khatunbin and son Sajid.

Aziz was irked after he got to know that his son Sajid Ali Khan who studying in fourth standard was not attending school regularly.

On Saturday evening, when Khatunbin was outside house, accused came in to house and questioned Sajid about reason for not attending school.

When the boy could not give any satisfactory reply, Khan, allegedly hit him with a stick on his head following which he lost conscious seeing which Aziz fled from the house.

Police said when Khatunbin reached house, she saw Aziz fleeing from house and alerted to neighbour and then rushed the boy to a local health unit from where he was rushed to Thane Civil Hospital but he died on the way.

Later same night on complaint of Khatunbin, accused was arrested from his relatives house by the Shivaji Nagar police when he was trying to escape from the city.

"On Sunday, morning police we received message from neighbour alerting that complaint Khatunbin also died due to cardiac attack" said Mahesh Chimte, assistant commissioner of police, Ambernath region of Thane police.

The police said prima facie suggest that after Sajid's death her grandmother was depressed due to which she suffered cardiac attack. She was very much emotionally attached with Sajid as two years ago his mother had got separated from her husband and since then she was taking care of Sajid.

The accused has been booked under section 302 (murder) of the IPC and further investigations are on.

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Woman stabbed to death inside train compartment in Mumbai

Written By Unknown on Sabtu, 22 Maret 2014 | 22.23

MUMBAI: A woman vegetable vendor who boarded the luggage compartment of a local train on Saturday morning was allegedly stabbed to death by an unidentified man.

According to the Vasai Government Railway Police, the incident took place at around 4 am. The victim identified as Panga Andher, in her 50s boarded the luggage compartment on the Churchgate end of the train at 3.59am.

As the train moved, an unidentified man entered the compartment and stabbed the victim on the lower right abdomen. Her screams for help were heard by the motorman. The train came to a halt at Vasai railway station but the suspect managed to jump out and fled towards the east side.

Andher was rushed to the nearby Ravi hospital but was declared dead on admission. She sustained around three stab wounds. The attack was allegedly made with a chopper. Police said that the involvement of more than one person is not ruled out.

The victim was on her way to Borivli to sell vegetables.

Police said that initial investigations suggest that it must have been an attempt to rob the victim.

A manhunt has been launched for the suspect.

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Five of family held for harassing woman

MUMBAI: Five members of a family were arrested by Nagpada police for allegedly harassing mentally and physically torturing a newly married woman and setting on her on fire.

Police have arrested victim woman's husband Imran Shaikh (33), Shaikh's sister Zeenat (35), sister in law Husna(30), Dawood Qasim Khan (55) father in law and Athi Ur Rahman (33), brother in law. All the accused have been booked for attempt to murder and have been remanded to police custody. The family resides in one of the posh Kailash Apartment in Mumbai Central.

Victim identified as Ashiya Shaikh (23) has been admitted with 55 percent of burn injuries at Masina hospital in Byculla. According to the police, victim Ashiya was married to Imran Shaikh last February however after few months victim was shocked to learnt that Imran was having some affair with one girl Afsa. Imran wanted to get married to Afsa and hence sought Ashiya's permission. However Ashiya was not giving a nod for which the family members started torturing her. Last ramzan, Shaikh assaulted Ashiya with waist belt. On Friday while victim's husband was away,Zeenat allegedly took up a fight and poured kerosene on Ashiya and set her on fire. The neighbours who over heard her cries rescued and rushed her to Masina hospital.

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Chemical tanker explodes in Dahanu

MUMBAI: A chemical tanker coming towards Mumbai turned turtle and exploded at the Charoti toll naka on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway at Dahanu on Saturday afternoon.

A few people are feared to have sustained burn injuries.

The tanker was heading to Mumbai when it lost control and turned turtle. It exploded and crashed into a few tourist vehicles at around 2.30pm.

Nearby Apsara hotel was also hit as the flames from the tanker hit it.

Fire brigade has still to reach the spot.

Police sources said that a man and a woman suffered serious burns due to the explosion. Several others sustained burn injuries due to the explosion.

The National Highway at Dahanu has been partly closed as the tanker is still in flames.

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Sanjay Dutt back in Yerwada jail as parole comes to end

MUMBAI/PUNE: Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt was back in Yerwada jail on Saturday after his extended parole, which invited a lot of criticism, came to an end.

Dutt was released on parole on December 21 last year and was granted extension two times. The parole was sought on the grounds of his wife Manyata's illness.

Dutt is serving out a five-year sentence of rigorous imprisonment for illegal possession and destruction of an AK-56 rifle before the March 12, 1993 Mumbai blasts.

The actor had surrendered before the Tada court in May last year after the apex court upheld his conviction under the Arms Act.

Earlier, the actor had also availed of 15 days leave of furlough, then further extending it by a fortnight in October last year on medical grounds. He had since sought two parole extensions which now come to an end.

The actor had faced protests outside his home and jail over his parole requests.

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Truck driver who lost control and hit 12 parked vehicles arrested

MUMBAI: A 22-year-driver of a truck who lost control and hit around 12 parked vehicles in Mulund (west) late on Friday night was arrested by Mulund police on early Saturday morning.

The accused, who has been identified as Abhilesh Jaiswal, is a resident of Mulund colony. The incident took place at around occurred around 12.30am on Saturday when the Jaiswal was driving his father's truck. Police said that Jaiswal does not have a valid licence for driving heavy vehicles.

Police said that the incident occurred on Netaji Subhash Chandra Road in Mulund (west). Jaiswal's father had bought the heavy vehicle on Saturday following which Jaiswal went for a drive to learn how the drive it properly later in the night. While on the said spot he lost control over the truck and first rammed into a car parked.

"The locals asked him to stop the vehicle which scared Jaiswal and his stepped on the accelerator further increasing the speed following which he lost control again and rammed into 11 parked vehicles. The truck was at such high speed that even after ramming into 11 vehicles, the truck did not stop and went ahead and rammed into the gate of Saket Building," said a police officer from Mulund police station.

Phoolsingh Pawar, senior inspector of Mulund police station said, "Jaiswal told his father that he would sleep in the truck and his father gave him the key. However, without his father's knowledge. Jaiswal has been booked for attempted murder and act endangering life and personal safety of others of IPC. He has also been booked under relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act, added Pawar.

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Man kidnapped after road rage

MUMBAI: A small scuffle over parking led two persons kidnap a 50-year-old drunk man from Matunga to Bandra. Sion police have registered a kidnapping case and are trying to trace the owner of the vehicle.

According to police, on Friday one Subramanium Merada who was under the influence of alcohol allegedly took up a fight over with a unknown man outside Matunga garden. The two men in the car pushed Merada inside the car and took him to Bandra reclamation and abandoned him and fled away. Police have traced the car but the owner of the car told police that he had recently sold the car to somebody else. Police are now trying to trace the new owner.

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SSC, HSC teachers exempted from poll duty

Written By Unknown on Kamis, 20 Maret 2014 | 22.23

MUMBAI: Teachers who are examiners and moderators for SSC and HSC have been exempted from poll duty this year.

The state election commission released a notice to the education department on Thursday. This decision comes after teachers demanded for exemption from election duty in order to concentrate on releasing the board results on time.

"We are only concerned about our students and want to make sure that their results are not delayed. By adding to our work, we will not manage to finish the paper assessment on time, which would delay the results. We are very happy that the election commission has co-operated," said Anil Deshmukh, general secretary of Maharashtra State Federation of Junior College Teachers' Organisation.

State education department has assured the election commission that they will make available more teachers from schools in order to replace teachers who have been exempted from poll duty.

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Civic body to spend Rs 8 lakh in strengthening dilapidated ward office

MUMBAI: The BMC will spend Rs 8.11 lakh for propping the dilapidated F-North ward office with bamboos for the safety of municipal staff.

According to the civic officials, the F-North ward office at Bhau Daji Road, Matunga, is in dangerous condition and needs to be supported with bamboo props. Immediate measures are needed to be taken for the security of civic employees as the ward office building is dilapidated.

Hence the civic body had issued tenders to provide bamboos for the propping works. The work has been given to Ms Ruby Rock Construction at the cost of Rs 8.11 lakh. The proposal will come up for approval before the civic standing committee on Thursday.

According to the civic officials, there are 32,439 buildings, which have completed 30 years, in the city. Of them, the BMC has issued notices to 13,779 structures to carry out structural audit and submit the report at the earliest.

As per the provision of section 353B of the municipal act, it is obligatory on the part of every owner and occupier of buildings, which are more than 30 years old, to have them inspected by qualified structural engineer registered with the BMC. It is mandatory to get the repair work as suggested by the structural engineer and submit the completion certificate along with the structural fitness certificate to the BMC.

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Raise height of platforms on suburban lines, HC tells Railways

MUMBAI : The Bombay High Court on Thursday directed the Railways to proceed with raising the height of platforms to 900/920 mm on the suburban lines in Mumbai after considering all relevant factors.

A division bench of Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice M S Sanklecha heard a suo motu PIL after taking cognizance of accidents of commuters Monika More and Tanvir Sheikh who lost their lost limbs after falling into gaps between the trains and platforms.

The judges took note of the report submitted by the expert committee set up it to look to recommend optimum platform height to reduce the gap of platforms with footboards of trains to avoid accidents.

The committee suggested that optimum height of platforms under the present conditions should be 900 mm and should not go exceed 920 mm as it may result in mishap.

The judges, in their order, also said the committee must be ``proactive'', find ``innovative solutions'' and consider all suggestions and find solutions to make commuter travel smoother and safer.

They directed the action plan of the railways to be submitted by April 17 and posted the next hearing on April 30.

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