Lipstick-sized pepper spray containers gain popularity in Mumbai

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MUMBAI: Recently, NGOs that work towards women empowerment in the city, decided to give free pepper spray to women. They clearly think that pepper spray, a non-lethal weapon, is a good self-defence utility for women who travel alone. Following this announcement, Bombay Times decided to explore the pepper spray market to see how it is being consumed. The manufacturers and sellers of these sprays tell us that every time a major incident of crime against women happens, the sale shoots up.

Different kinds are available

There are different types of pepper sprays available in the market, varying in price and size. One can buy these sprays in the price bracket of Rs. 150 to Rs. 500, depending on the size, which may vary from 10gm to 55gm.

Shop owners say girls generally go for the smaller canisters as they are easy to carry. Lipstick-sized spray cans are most handy.

Says Meghana Saxena, a sales executive, who did a thorough online research before buying a foam pepper spray, "There are four varieties of pepper spray in the market — stream spray, which are more like water pistol; forced cone spray, which sprays in a circular pattern and covers a width of around two feet; foggers, which has finer droplets and covers a wider area and foam spray, which accumulates on the face of the attacker and is almost impossible to wipe off without help."

Other self-defence options

Nandini Sharma, mother and homemaker, recommends training in a form of self defence. "My daughter, who's 15, holds a martial arts degree, is athletic and can defend herself."

Dr Anjali Chhabria, psychiatrist and mother of a 22-year-old-girl says, "We should all equip our daughters with the right advice, the right attitude to be safe, sensible and smart. Pepper spray has an instant reaction, but they should not get too friendly and trusting with strangers."

Fashion choreographer and pageant trainer Achla Sachdev says, "In addition to carrying pepper spray, I recommend girls buy their own drinks and wear stilettos to kick men in the balls if they try anything nasty."

Actress Bhagyashree makes sure that her kids attend only house parties. "I make sure that my driver and attendants are around when they go out."

What the law says

According to Sections 96, 97, 102, 105 and 106 of Indian Penal Code, the use of pepper spray, a non-lethal weapon, is legal. However, it is not for sale to minors.

How to effectively use the spray

Never use the spray with your eyes closed. You don't want to miss since you may just have one chance.

Your aim should neither be for a short squirt nor a long, drenching one, so spray for 2-3 seconds only.

Wait until the aggressor is at arm's length before you shoot so that you can get him on the face.

After shooting the spray, the assailant will be temporarily blinded and helpless due to uncontrollable coughing spasms. Once he is unable to move, stop spraying.

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