Mumbai cops harassing me after molestation complaint, says woman

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MUMBAI: A 32-year-old woman, who was harassed with pornographic images on WhatsApp by a former classmate, now claims she is being tormented by the police. A constable visited her residence in her absence and besmirched her before her family, the Saki Naka police are summoning her repeatedly, and an unidentified man, who she suspects is a police informer, is stalking her. All this while the accused, her former classmate, is out on bail.

The victim says she is terrified by the harassment and plans to seek help from the Maharashtra State Commission for Women. "I am too scared to step out of my house. I am being made to feel like a criminal for having had the courage to lodge a complaint," she said.

The victim and the accused, Pravin Shetty, 34, were in the same school. He used to send her personal messages on WhatsApp that, she said, were formal in nature. On June 4, Shetty asked her to meet him. She replied she would think it over and went to bed. According to her, when she woke up, she found 21 pornographic images sent from his number. She confronted him but he said he sent them by mistake. On June 19, with the aid of an NGO, she lodged a complaint against Shetty, who works as a floor manager in a supermarket. He was arrested and let off on bail three days later.

"The day I lodged an FIR with the Saki Naka police station, a constable called Naik went to my home and spoke ill of me to my parents, who were unaware of my ordeal. Later, he phoned me and summoned me to the station. I requested his superiors to stop sending uniformed personnel to my house because it scared my family," the victim said. Her cellphone, which was taken by the police for examination, has not been returned. When she asked for it, a female officer told her "to forget about it".

"I am repeatedly called to the Saki Naka police station. My statement has been recorded more than twice. The last straw was when I noticed a man stalking me. I first thought I was imagining things. But he has been around at malls, libraries, shops, wherever I go. I suspect he is a police informer. I doubt the Saki Naka police will help me, so I have decided to go to the women's commission," she said.

Senior inspector Prasanna More of Saki Naka police did not answer TOI's calls. Deputy commissioner of police Mohan Dahikar said the victim could meet him to discuss the issues she is facing.

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Mumbai cops harassing me after molestation complaint, says woman

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Mumbai cops harassing me after molestation complaint, says woman

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Mumbai cops harassing me after molestation complaint, says woman

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