Boy delivering chicken attacks maid, robs flat

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MUMBAI: A young man posing as a chicken delivery boy robbed a flat in Sakinaka on Thursday evening after hitting the domestic help with an iron rod. The incident comes a fortnight after a pizza delivery boy tried to rape and kill a woman in a Worli flat and once again highlights lax security in housing societies. It is another matter that the 'chicken' man could not find anything of value in the flat and had to flee with imitation jewellery and the maid's cellphone.

Sitara Malla (19), the maid, said her employers, who stay on rent, were away at work and their two children at coaching classes. "Around 5.10pm, the man, who looked to be 19 or so, rang the doorbell of Samrat and Mitash Bose's fourth-floor flat (in Manavsthal Society, Ashok Nagar Complex, Sakinaka). Malla opened the door using the safety latch. The man told her he had come to deliver chicken on order," said senior inspector Prasanna More of the Saki Naka police station. "Malla, suspicious, shut the door and called her employer (Mitash), who told her she hadn't placed any such order. So, Malla sent the man away. He returned 10 minutes later and when Malla opened the door—this time without the safety latch, probably by mistake—the man barged in. He had an iron rod with him and hit Malla with it."

The man dragged Malla by the hair into the bedroom, hurling abuses at her. "I was conscious, but pretended otherwise," Malla told the police. "Seeing I was immobile, he left me alone."

She said the man ransacked the 2BHK flat for half an hour. He broke the wardrobe and the safe, but failed to find any money or valuables. Before leaving, he took away Malla's cellphone and some imitation jewellery. "I was in great pain, but when I sensed he had left, I went out and screamed for help. Neighbours came out of their flats and one of them called the police," Malla told the police.

The Boses are shaken. "We found blood stains on the walls and the floor. The man thought Sitara (Malla) was dead and started thinking aloud. She heard him say he would come back to rob our home again and kill us and our children," Samrat (34), who is deputy manager (events) with the Lodha Group, told TOI on Friday. "The incident occurred four days before my birthday."

The police said the man must have been tipped off about the timings of the Bose family. "He must have learnt that in the evenings, the maid was alone at the place. We have detained the housing society's four watchmen. They did not maintain a log of people entering or leaving the complex. A CCTV camera has captured the man entering the building with a bag and leaving 30 minutes later," said a police officer. "The footage is sketchy."

The detained watchmen said the one on duty at the gate when the incident occurred had gone to the toilet.

"The security features of our housing society are inadequate. Just about anyone can enter or leave it. There's no monitoring," Samrat said. "I hope this incident will serve as an eye-opener."


Service providers must carry passes Guards should not allow entry to visitors before checking with residents on intercom Guards should work in shifts and should not become overly friendly with outsiders Liftmen should ask for flat's number and owner's or tenant's name from visitors Ensure regular maintenance of security gadgets.


On June 26, a 17-year-old pizza delivery boy was arrested for trying to rape and murder a 24-year-old woman in Worli. The victim, an engineer from Wardha, had come to Mumbai to look for a job and was staying with her aunt in government quarters on Annie Besant Road. She had ordered pizza from a local shop in the evening. The boy delivered it and left, but came back a few minutes later. He rang the doorbell, saying he had forgotten to give sachets of sauce and chilli flakes.
When the woman opened the door, he pushed her, closed the door from inside, dragged her into the kitchen and tried to rape her. When she resisted, he attacked her with a kitchen knife and fled. The boy is in the Dongri remand home. The police will submit the chargesheet within 90 days.

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