9 weird things up for sale online!

Written By Unknown on Sabtu, 04 April 2015 | 22.23

MUMBAI: There are sites galore on the web that allow you to sell and buy used stuff. But we found that some people are taking the sites too literally. And their 'offers' are hilarious, if not outright weird. So, here are nine that made us ROFL.

SUPER DELUXE AUTO RICKSHAW By the looks of it, it is indeed a super deluxe auto. Just one question though: how do you get to the upper deck of this mind-blowing piece of art?

RABBITS (`U WANT RABBITSS') You have got to give him credits for straightforwardness. Just leave all that you are doing and tell him if you want rabbits already.

10 RUPEE NOTE Money for money? Heights of jugaad.#OnlyInIndia

DOSA AND PANI PURI STALL Dear Advertiser, does the man in the picture know you are selling him off too? Looks like a really heavy end-ofseason sale being offered -a man free with a dosa stall.

NICE BLACK COCK Well, there's only a finite combination of words in the English language. And this is wrong. Just wrong. In other words, no sir, we don't want your nice black cock!

MANNEQUIN (GOOD CONDITION UNTOUCHED STATUE) We don't know what's more unsettling -that he is selling an `untouched' mannequin online or that he thinks it's a statue.

UNDERWEAR (BANGKOK UNDERWEAR IN SALE) That's the dream. Used imported underwear.

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