Family struggles to come to terms with the gradual changes in terror suspect case

Written By Unknown on Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2014 | 22.23

MUMBAI : A middle-class family has been struggling to come to terms with the gradual change in Anis Ansari - from being a studious boy interested in a career to a radicalised youth - they have noticed for some time. While the family openly spoke about Ansari's radicalized views, it also narrated an incident when they told Ansari to get him checked with a psychiatrist.

Sitting on a chair at Jamiat-ul-Ulema office at Bhendi Bazaar, Shakeel Ahmed, Ansari's father, looked tired. He approached the Jamiat for legal help in his son's case. Jamiat is yet to take a decision. Ansari (24) has been arrested by the state ATS on charges of conspiring to target an American school in BKC. Ansari, said police, conspired through facebook. "I took educational loan to give Ansari the best education I could. Throughout he has been a brilliant student and would mingle with others easily. He passed bachelor in computer science with first class and got a job easily. Later, he asked me to quit my job since he started working," said Ahmed.

Police said Ansari had been chatting through internet to some unknown persons. Police are trying to find out those who allegedly chatted with Ansari. Ansari, being the eldest among four brothers in the family, took responsibility and even managed to get a rented flat at Quresh Nagar in Kurla for his family three months ago. "He would be busy on his mobile phone most of the time and never brought any pamphlet or literature at home. For the last one year, his view gradually began changing and he started talking about Khilafat (Islamic rule) in the world. Though, he was never part of any banned or extreme outfit, but would talk things like he wanted to receive Shahadat (martyrdom). Since he would be scared when I was at home, he would, however, irritate his mother who would break down most of the time. We didn't know what to do to handle him. One day I suggested him to accompany me to psychiatrist so that I could get him treated for talking all non sense," a firm Ahmed recalled.

ATS arrested Ansari for `chatting' with his friends on Facebook about jihad and attacking the American school in BKC. Police said he was indoctrinated by hearing lectures of al-Qaida preachers, Nouman Ali, Ahmed Farooque and Abu Bakr Bagdadi on the internet. He would read stories about Salahuddin Ayyubi, the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubi dynasty. A Muslim of Kurdish origin, Salahuddin led the Muslim opposition to the European crusaders in the levant. At the height of his power, his sultanate included Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, Hejaz, Yemen and other parts of North Africa. "The day Bagdadi proclaimed himself as the Calipha (in charge of Muslims in an Islamic country as per Shariah), Ansari was very happy. We were upset with his behavior and tried to make him understand what he was thinking was wrong. He was immature and would talk about leaving us if we could not bare him," said Ahmed.

He added that Ansari never reacted about the four Kalyan youth who went missing in Iraq and allegedly joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forces. There were several proposal for marriage for Ansari but "he rejected the entire proposal saying he did not want to get married since he had to achieve something big. Fed up with his behavior, we stopped talking to him about marriage," said an aggrieved father. "I took education loan for my second son too, who did graduation in computer science, and still repaying the loan. My entire family is disturbed and we don't known what to do?" an upset Ahmed said.

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Family struggles to come to terms with the gradual changes in terror suspect case

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Family struggles to come to terms with the gradual changes in terror suspect case

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Family struggles to come to terms with the gradual changes in terror suspect case

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