Minor sons of DCP Banerjee echo claim of accident death

Written By Unknown on Minggu, 31 Maret 2013 | 22.23

THANE: The two minor children of DCP Sanjay Banerjee are understood to have told the Kapurbawdi police here that their father's death was an accident as the bullet fired on its own after falling off the holster.

The brothers, Arjun (14) and Ashutosh (7) were having their lunch with their parents at Goa Portugesa hotel on March 23 when the police officer is believed to have pulled out his service revolver and shot himself dead. The two children and their mother Sushmita are eye-witness to the entire incident.

Police officials said the two children were echoing the same statement made by their mother who revised her earlier statement and subsequently claimed that her husband's death was an accident and not suicide.

Sushmita is an educated women and the family is aware of the legal and police procedures. There is a possibility that she is being tutored to give a statement which is safe and does not put the spotlight on either the department or on his personal life,'' a police officer associated with the investigation told TOI.

She had initially told the police that DCP Banerjee was under tremendous work pressure and this could have provoked him to take the extreme step. It is learnt that DCP Banerjee was not paid salary for over four months as his post in the Anti-Terrorism Squad was still to be ratified by the state finance department. The needle of suspicion for DCP Banerjee's violent end was sought to be put towards the state department and the police force.

However, we have another key witness who has seen DCP Banerjee hold the pistol to his head and shoot himself. The hotel manager Vikas Nimkar has recorded his statement giving a detail account of what transpired since the Banerjee family walked into the hotel at 3 pm for their lunch. The DCP had gulped down four to five tequila shots and also consumed two bottles of beer before he pulled out his pistol and fired a shot at himself. He slumped down and there was a blood on the dining table, wall and the floor,'' a police official said.

Meanwhile, the investigation team is unwilling to accept the claim of accidental death as is being stated by the Banerjee family. It is an impossible that the Austrian-made Glock pistol would fire on its own after falling off the holster. Police officers always keep their service pistol locked as a safety precaution and Banerjee would not be an exception to the rule. Also the pistol was tied to a rope entangled on Banerjees body and is unlikely that it could fall on the floor,'' an official said.

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Minor sons of DCP Banerjee echo claim of accident death

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Minor sons of DCP Banerjee echo claim of accident death

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