Management students take lessons from FIFA

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MUMBAI: Could Lionel Messi and team have won the World Cup if he had some valuable lessons from Indian epic Mahabharat? Or could the story of Arjuna have inspired him?

As part of polishing their own academic skills by watching and analyzing the FIFA World Cup from a management perspective, the students of Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Management Studies & Research (VESIMSR) compiled a set of lessons they could draw from the game.

"Messi, the best footballer of the world cup, lost his focus and the magic touch in the final. The pressure of expectations denied him the glory he seeks. He needs the same lesson as Arjuna in the Mahabharata - "perform your actions with devotion and awareness, but without the expectation of results", believes institute's director Dr Satish Modh, summing up the findings of the students.?

The students, divided into groups of four each, had come up with several management lessons from the games, as part of an internal competition. One of the key lessons drawn by the students was the team spirit of the champion German team which, they felt, should be inspiring the corporates to work as a team for success. "Teamwork involves using the strengths to the maximum and overcoming weaknesses of the members. The customer has to be won and the best person should seal the deal irrespective of who introduced the account," according to a paper by the students.

Picking up leadership as another lesson, the students felt that lack of leadership shattered the dreams of Brazil. They felt that Dutch lost to Argentina in the semi-final because of their complacency as in the case of any corporate in the fight for success.

Referring to the bite incident of Luis Suarez, the students said unethical behaviour would spell doom for any corporate or individual. The ability of multi-tasking, the ability to dream big, total commitment and the art of learning were some of the other lessons the students picked up. cup,Vivekanand Education Society,Lionel Messi,Institute of Management Studies & Research

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Management students take lessons from FIFA

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Management students take lessons from FIFA

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