Concealing drug and gold in body safest smuggling tactic, but risky for carriers

Written By Unknown on Rabu, 27 November 2013 | 22.23

MUMBAI: In the last 10 days, three passengers have been intercepted by the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of the customs department at the Mumbai airport for carrying drugs and gold inside their bodies. Last week, two Tanzanian nationals were caught carrying 100-plus capsules of cocaine weighing 1kg each in their stomach; one of them died after a capsule burst in his stomach. On Monday, an Indian national coming from Sri Lanka was detained for concealing a 555-gm gold bar valued at Rs 15 lakh in his rectum.

Body concealment is regarded as the most safest form of smuggling, but most risky and painful dangerous for the carrier, said A P S Suri, commissioner of customs at the Mumbai airport. But AIU officials fear that the trend of such smuggling may continue, especially for expensive drugs, such as cocaine, and gold.

This year, two flyers were caught concealing gold bars in their rectum and there were two cases of carriers concealing cocaine packed in capsules in their abdomen.

The passenger was detained on suspicion but AIU got a confirmation when the metal detector beeped. There were two cases where cocaine was concealed in the abdomen.

AIU officials said that cocaine is the only drug for which smugglers would take the risk of body concealment as . It is one of the few drugs which is brought into the country and

it fetches a market value of Rs 5 crore per kg. "Cocaine is a pure drug and is smuggled from Columbia. As its market value is so high, smugglers end up using carriers who agree to body concealment," said a senior AIU official.

He added that as there is also huge demand for the drug in party circles, there would be more cases of carriers concealing them in their bodies despite an increase in intelligence networks and surveillance at airports. "This is because it is impossible to detect the drug through any body scan or frisking," the AIU official explained.

Officials said that smuggling of gold by concealing it in the rectum is intriguing. "It is not only a painful process, but also limits the quantity of gold. Why would someone take so much pain to smuggle out gold worth only Rs 15-20 lakh," asked an official. He added that the current trend shows that more and more carriers are being hired to carry gold on body.

Customs officials, as well as doctors, said that drug or gold concealment in body can be extremely dangerous for the carrier. Though the impact differs from which drug is being carried and the quantity, a capsule of cocaine opening inside the stomach is fatal under any circumstance. "Ironically, it is only cocaine which is usually smuggled by swallowing," said an AIU official. Concealing gold bars in the rectum can lead to infections, pain and rashes, said an AIU official.

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Concealing drug and gold in body safest smuggling tactic, but risky for carriers

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Concealing drug and gold in body safest smuggling tactic, but risky for carriers

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Concealing drug and gold in body safest smuggling tactic, but risky for carriers

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