Uniform tariff in Mumbai is the need of hour, experts say

Written By Unknown on Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013 | 22.23

MUMBAI: Uniform tariff system in Mumbai is the need of hour, said experts in power sector. Mumbai Power Supply which is controlled by three distribution companies namely Tata Power Distribution , Reliance Distribution and BEST serves around 40 lakhs Residential, Industrial and Commercial consumers constitute around 2 % consumers of the overall 20 crores consumers is spread around 1000 Square Kilometrs . The total generating capacity of Tata Generating Plant is Mw and 500 Mw of Dahanu plant . The Power Supply to Mumbai is a lifeline with all activities including the bus transportation. Power Supply has got islanding mode also which means in case of failure of Entire country grid supply can be made with the local Generator and in case of local generator failing then imports can take place in milliseconds .

"The Tariff composition is also mixed with the tariff being the highest in the country . One of the reason as Tata Generation is dependent with Gas , Coal and Oil and also Coal logicstics is also very high . Very recently Tata has increased tariff by 25% and Reliance petition is at the verge of disposal with Tariff of residential consumers touching around Rs12 almost double than the other tariff of the country," said D Radhakrishnan, a power consultant. "The tariff which was almost Uniform in the year has multipllied as new capacities have not come and secondly even BEST which takes care of Transport was permitted by Apex Court to setoff the losses of Transport Sector from Electricity Business," he added.

A study was undertaken by PwC to bring uniformity of tariff and reports that in case if Tariff is to be brought at par with Tata Tariff then Government has to subsidize. In fact Mumbai does not get any central share which Maharatra gets and a part of this share can contribute relief to consumers . Mumbai is the only city which does not get central share . Secondly distribution companies can enter into a long term PPA with any of the merchant players who are selling power at as low as Rs 3/- . Thirdly there is no coal linkage of Tata Power and in fact Tata Power Generating Company can swap this linked coal with any of their plants and pass on the cost reduction to the consumers . In fact concept of Uniform Tariff will also relieve BEST to burden only select consumers to subsidize the transport losses . This will also end the on going tussle of Reliance and Tata where Tata is entering into Reliance consumers and consumers are asked to pay cross subsidy charges as high as Rs 2.

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Uniform tariff in Mumbai is the need of hour, experts say

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Uniform tariff in Mumbai is the need of hour, experts say

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Uniform tariff in Mumbai is the need of hour, experts say

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