Mumbai doctors successfully treat nasophaynx cancer

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MUMBAI: Last month, Balasubramanium completed a year since he conquered his very advanced nasopharyngeal (posterior part of nose) cancer.

He had presented to the oncology department of L H Hiranandani Hospital after he was diagnosed with very advanced stage nasophaynx cancer. His cancer had already eroded base of skull and was protruding into his brain.

Dr Wasim Phoplunkar, consultant radiation oncologist at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital said, "The cancer was very close to optic (eye) nerves. Because of such a large tumor, he was bleeding from the nose, his face was numb and he was not able to walk properly because of co-ordination problem. Psychologically also, he was very disturbed."

Balasubramanium was referred to medical oncology department, where he took two cycles of chemotherapy. After this, he was referred back to radiation oncology for Radiotherapy.

"It was a challenge for me to give radiation to such a big disease which was involving his brain and was in close proximity to his optic nerve. Thanks to the technology (Rapid Arc) available at International Oncology, his radiation was planned so meticulously that his tumor received maximum dose while his normal critical structures were saved. It allowed us to precisely shape the radiation beams to the size and shape of the tumor, delivering highly effective doses of radiation to tumors while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues in the least possible time, thus increasing accuracy and comfort," said Dr Phoplunkar.

"Dose painting takes this precision even further. Using sophisticated imaging techniques, we identify areas within the tumor that might need a higher "boost" dose of radiation, based on the presence of cells that are resistant to radiation therapy or are especially aggressive," he added.

Balasubramanium does not have any lasting side-effects from his treatment. His salivary glands are fine, as are his hearing and swallowing functions. His vision also had no deterioration. He joined his office within two months after his treatment.

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Mumbai doctors successfully treat nasophaynx cancer

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Mumbai doctors successfully treat nasophaynx cancer

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